HomeEntertainmentThe host of ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW and Portia are getting divorced!!!!!! and is the reason really adoption.

The host of ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW and Portia are getting divorced!!!!!! and is the reason really adoption.

There is a lot of news going on whether Ellen DeGeneres and her spouse Portia de Rossi are fighting or breaking up, or are they all good as they say or the Gossip Cop say, but now ELLEN DEGENERES IS GETTING SLAMMED WITH $500 MILLION DIVORCE BY PORTIA. 

Ellen DeGeneres And Wife Portia De Rossi .


The major reason for this Divorce is said to be child adoption; Ellen wants a baby, and Portia didn’t, but anyhow Ellen convinced her for adoption then what happened!!!. While on the other hand, Ellen says they did not want a baby. They already have pets as babies; they own pets four dogs and three cats. They got married on the 16th of August 2008, and they were in a relationship since 2004. After a decade of marriage now they are seeking a divorce that means all that rumors about their marital problems were somewhat true, as it is said where there is smoke there is fire.

The small problems that are neglected in marriage become a major cause for breaking one, and it was rumored that Portia was pressuring Ellen to leave her show (relax she is not) as she was paying too much attention to being a workaholic and does not have time to spend with her wife. Then Portia opened her art gallery, General Public, where she became busy too with her gallery, and Ellen started facing the same problem about not spending quality time. It was also assumed that Ellen was somewhat jealous as her wife also started getting media attention and stuff just like in the movie KI & KA, all of these rumors were dismissed by both, maybe they put up a fake facade to hide their problems and reconcile without making a fuss about it.

Ellen DeGeneres Marriage Crumbles  Source: huffingtonpost.com

As it is believed, a baby can save a broken marriage, and thus Ellen decided to adopt a child to which Portia objected but later came on board, but that didn’t work out, maybe because they are not good now and they don’t want the baby to suffer. Portia also did not like how Ellen was supporting on the homophobic statements of  Kevin Hart, and they also started spending their nights apart with Ellen on studio and Portia with friends. All these led to this news of Divorce, now let’s see what happens because next month is their anniversary.

Ellen DeGeneres getting cozy with new born     Source: youtube.com