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Katie Holmes dated Jamie Foxx only for Industrial Connection! Now she is pregnant? Tom cruse is father or Jamie Foxx!!

Katie Holmes, the Hollywood beauty, is tagged with the notoriety of using Jamie Foxx for her profit. Holmes, who had been the wife of Tom Cruise until she was in a speculated relationship with Jamie Foxx. She is a famous American actress known for her leading role in a television series called Dawson’s Creek.Skyler Katie and Jamie had been friends for a long time had rarely been seen in front as together, but everybody was sure enough about their relation. Speculations were going around, and amidst that, they threw everything off to the ground. And that’s become the matter of dispute instead.

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According to the Ok! magazine, Katie was dating Jamie only for her uprising in the Hollywood industry. Jamie, who is a famous American actor, producer, and director, must have various channels to help someone. But is it real or just mere speculation or something fake? Actually, it’s not been cleared as the couple already stated they are separated from each other for a long time and would like to enjoy their soul.
The reason behind their separation had been cleared when Foxx was seen in a single frame with Sela Valve, an American singer. In early January of this year, Katie is seen to arrive at a spa in Soho. Looking very comfortable with her present time seems she wants to stay like that. In December 2019, Katie celebrated her 41st birthday as a single woman and seemed very optimistic.


Instagram page of Sela Valve( Foxx with Sela Valve) Katie is famous and has everything which is enough to live a single life. And who knows the internal matters and both of them have not opened their mouth to such criticism. If anything happens, we would be glad to inform you, so stay connected with us.

Katie Holmes is BROKE & going through a FINANCIAL CRISIS after Breaking up with Jamie Foxx & Tom Cruise

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