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Halo Infinite Announced : Franchise Renews the Game, Might be the Last of the Series – Click Here to Know About Release Date

Halo Infinite
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The blockbuster franchise is coming back with a bang. Gamers can expect another release of the Halo series soon. This series of military science fiction game is well known amongst gamers all over the world. Although proving to be one of the best graphic games ever designed, the franchise uses Microsoft and Xbox as a release platform. The next release is up for release in the latter part of 2020. Also, the game is the successor of Halo 5: Guardians.


Additionally, the coming game will be the continuation of the Reclaimer Saga. It will continue on the story of Master Chief. Also, the experience of all the games by the franchise can highly be praised. The makers wanted this edition of the game to be a more human-like experience. However, due to the virus outspread, the developers have been forced to work for home. The game has been designed for the Xbox console and Xbox Series X too.


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The highest-grossing Franchise has sold over 65 million copies worldwide. Such numbers motivated the series to expand to other media like novels, comics, feature and animated films. The Halo Infinite is the sixth main installment of the series. After the announcement in 2018, it will shift the focus of the story back to Master Chief, who is a Spartan. There was a teaser released in June 2020 that had an unfamiliar audio clip. Surprisingly, it is considered to be one for the coming game. However, the game is supposed to advance on the enemy group Banished.

Reviews and Ratings

Being a critically acclaimed game has brought the franchise great success. Additionally, it is the highest-grossing media franchise. The game’s Multiplayer aspect has garnered it more applause. The Halo 3 game sold more than 4 million copies a day before the official release, making a world record. Thus players are vouching for the 6th installment to woo them.

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