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Frontier Season 4: To be released or not to be released is the million-dollar question.

Frontier is a historical drama series based on trade business, the story takes place in Canada and is directed by Blackie brothers-Rob and Peter. The first season was released in 2016, the second in 2017, and the third in 2018.

Frontier (TV Series 2016-2018)

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The historical drama takes place in the 18th century where a fur trade organization goes corrupt and starts doing illegal businesses obviously for more money. This firm has a monopoly market and thus can do whatever it wants but a man named Declan Harp comes into the picture and tries to break this monopoly and show the true colors of the firm to the public. Harp is an outlaw and a part-Irish and a part-Cree, he sets on his mission and as any villain would do the Hudson Bay Company tries to stop him (assuming that you understand the actual meaning of stop). The company kills his wife and son instead to send out a message ‘don’t mess with us’ and then the revenge begins.

Frontier Canada

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The list is long so just naming a few

  1. Jason Mamoa
  2. Zoe Boyle
  3. Diana Bentley
  4. Jessica Matten
  5. Alun Armstrong and a lots more


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Frontier is a Netflix original and has 3 seasons which were a hit among the people, but now there is confusion going on whether season 4 is coming out or not. Jason Mamoa plays the lead role, Declan Harp and he announced going to Vancouver for work (where the series has been shot), and the news was received happily as everyone thought that season 4 shooting is starting.

Unfortunately, soon after that Jessica Matten posted No Season 4 and Jason Mamao followed saying bye-bye to his character. This confirms that season 3 is an end but officially nothing has been announced by the directors or by Netflix, the season 3 ended hastily which disappointed the fans the main reason could be Jason Mamoa shooting for the movie AQUAMAN as well as shooting for the series.