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Change is only constant:- DWTS has hired a new host for the next season, find out more

The most unbelievable and sudden news has been announced, it is shocking for the judges as well as for the audience. DWTS(Dancing with the Stars) all-time favorite host Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews are being replaced for the next season and Tyra Banks will be the new face for the show, she has hosted America’s Next Top Model and her talk show.

Carrie Ann Inaba one of the judges of the show cried when she heard that Tom and Erin are not coming back in the next season but she was very positive of Tyra Banks and welcomed her in her interview with THE TALK. She also talks about how powerful, strong, and visionary women she is and the show is in good hands. She clarifies that Bank is the new host and not to see her as a first black woman host as it’s not true, in season 1 they had Lisa Canning co-hosting with Tom.

Erin Andrews Leaving 'Dancing With the Stars' in Season 29 — 'DWTS ...

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The judges of the show are going to be the same, as no announcements have been made of replacing them. Tyra Banks is a multitalented woman and there was a controversy of leaving her previous show because of being ‘insensitive‘ that’s what she said. DWTS hired her as a new host as they wanted to build a creative and a different perception of the show, probably because they are planning to bring something new on the plate, apart from the host.

Tom and Erin took the news in good spirit and cracked jokes about it on the twitter, do go check their twitter account. The new host is also going to be the executive producer and the producers are going to take the series to the ‘next level’  and pull some ‘crazy’ shit, their words not mine. It is going to be uneasy and heart-breaking for the fans to not see the regular host but it is expected that they keep an open mind about this and support and encourage the new change.

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