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Halo 6 with 14th update in Holiday Season. Check all facts and spoilers about game.

Halo 6 is officially announced as Halo Infinite. It will be an upcoming first-person shooter game. The game is co-developed by 343 Industries and Skybox Labs. The game will be published by Xbox games. It will be the sixth game launched under the name of Halo with the 14th edition.

The game was announced in 2018, and everyone was updated by the game in E3 2018 by Microsoft. A five-minute trailer was shown in E3 2019. Below you will find all the details for the upcoming Halo Infinite.

Halo 6- Release Date

The game is developed using a new Slip game Engine. Hence, before the release of the game a Beta version needs to be released for the gamers to get an idea all about the game. The game is likely to be released in the Holiday season of 2020 with Xbox series X. It will fall between October to December 2020. Though the dates are not confirmed yet due to the Pandemic spread by CoronaVirus it Might get delayed.

Storyline of Halo 6

As the Halo 6 will begin where Halo 5 ended, Cortana and The Created seize control over the galaxy. Created are forced to do it. Master Chief will be regrouping with an alien force to fight against the new regime. It will probably involve humans and elite fighters again.

Official Halo twitter account has posted a teaser that confirms that the Banished will be the antagonists.

The fact to be Known as Gamer

Pc Gaming

Microsoft has confirmed that they will come to PC, as it will be a huge surprise to all that it will come on the console at the same time of release, unlike Halo: The Master Chief Collection. They can be played on Xbox One, Pc, Xbox Series X.

Loot Box

There are a lot of rumors about adding loot boxes to the game. Microsoft wanted to add this feature in the game and wanted to re-evaluate the game. Franchise Director at 343 Industries, Frank O’Connor clearly stated that there is no evaluation in-game.

Split-screen multiplayer

Yes! The Game Halo 6 will be a Split-screen game.