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Eijun Sawamura is back with a new season: Diamond no ace season 4 | Here I all the updates you need to know so far.

Diamond no Ace is the thriller anime series. It is based on a baseball sport. It showcases excellent baseball tactics and skills. It is based in Japan. Its three seasons have been released till now. Now fans are very much enthusiastic to watch the fourth season. The series gained a huge fanbase all around the world within a very short period of time. Every season is being showered by the love and support of the audience. Season 4 of Diamond no ace is the much-awaited season among the fans. This anime series is produced under the label of Madhouse Studio. The creator of this manga adaptation is Yuji Terajima.

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Release date of season 4 of Diamond no ace

There hasn’t been any official announcement of dates by the makers. As its last season ended recently in march, fans are very eager to know the release date of season 4. But the makers have not yet declared any dates for the release of Diamond no ace. But according to reports, we might expect the release of season 4 of diamond no ace in mid of 2021. So, definitely, the wait is long but all we can say to the fans is to just maintain the patience and excitement level as the new season will surely hit the screens by next year.

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The whole show revolves around Eijun Sawamura who is an incredible baseball player. He is blessed with excellent baseball skills and also with very unique pitcher abilities. But unfortunately, he is bounded by some limitations in Seidou High School. So he is unable to win the trophy and achieve his dream of becoming the best pitcher. In the upcoming season, he might be seen breaking the boundaries and win the trophy. A baseball match filled with suspense and excitement will be seen in the new season. It seems that season 4 will be filled with more suspense, thriller, and action as compared to the previous seasons.

Characters to be seen in season 4

Eijun Sawamura will again be seen in season 4 showcasing his talents. The main characters in the third season – Okumura, Furuya Satoru, and Tetsuya will surely be seen in season 4. There are chances of Kominato Ryosuke to return in season 4.

Diamond no ace is available in the English language as well as with English subtitles. You can watch it on Crunchyroll.