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Shocking News !! Neil Druckmann comment about ” The Last of Us 3 ” . Check out more details about release date , Updates

We can never imagine the best action-adventure video game without developers of  Naughty Dog. They have created the most amazing video games of all time. Likewise, Last of us was one of them to be a spectacular action-adventurous game. Neil Druckmann is the creative director of all the game series of Last of Us.

Unknown facts about Last of Us

The development of Last of us began in 2011, and it was released in 2013. There was a huge commercial success. According to the reports, Last of us(2013) sold around 20 million copies by the end of this decade. Last of us(2013) made billions with huge success.

The Last of Us Part II Game | PS4 - PlayStation

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This huge success led the path for Last of us part 2?

Yes, it is one of the reasons for the development of the Last of us 2. Even though with success, the plot were been kept for the next game series.  Ashley Johnson reprised her role as Ellie and Laura Bailey as Abby.

There was advanced development of game features in part 2. It was released in June 2020. The audience was extremely happy and given excellent reviews on the various amazing features and storyline of the game.

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Is clue left in Last of us 2 for Last of us 3?

This is the most unanswered question, But reclaiming the hints given in Last of us 2. There might be a possibility of Ellie meeting the fireflies, Ellie and Abby grouping together or there might be a happy ending. Fans are much more curious about the Next part with the clues given in the Last of us 2. However, we can expect much better from Naughty dog.

When will the Last of us 3 release?

There is no official announcement of the Last of Us 3 release date. But the recent comment of Niel Druckmann gives us hint about the Last of Us 3 will be on its way. And due to current concerns with COVID-19, there might be a pause for development, so it’s hard to say that The Last of Us 3 will be released soon.  Hopefully, Fans are crazy about PlayStation 4 game ” The Last of Us 2 “, and we hope it will also make a commercial success. Check out this video for more.