Knives Out 2 is back with yet another mind blowing murder mystery! Read below to know the details.


Do you love a mystery? If Yes, then here is the news for you!!!

Knives Out 2 is happening in maybe 2021 or 2022. It is officially announced that the sequel of Knives Out is coming.

What is the storyline of Knives Out?

Knives Out is an American mystery movie directed by Rian Johnson released in 2019. It is a story of a master investigating the death of the patriarch and now they are making new stories again  And when the first movie released fans loved this movie with their cast and mystery and story, everything.

Knives Out 2: Release Date


It is not officially announced that when it will be released but we are expecting it in 2021 or maybe 2022. On January 5 Johnson has announced that he was working on the script for the next movie of Knives Out. So fans have to wait for more one or two years And it is obvious that it will take at least one or two years for production, script, casting, shooting and everything.

The Cast for Knives Out 2:


The cast for the movie is not officially announced yet but here are some characters fans really wish to watch in theatre in this movie:

Daniel Craig

Chris Evans

Jamie Lee Curtis

Ana De Armas

Katherine Langford

Jaeden Martell

and many more . But here is the thing that at least Knives Out 2 will have Daniel Craig.

Plot for Knives Out2:

Here is the trailer for Knives Out2

Credit: Movieclips

In the first movie, the story was completed by the Thrombey family. Now makers will come with a new story with actor  Chris Evans and actor Daniel Craig. Benoit Blanc will solve a new murder mystery with new characters and a new area and with an all-star cast.