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Will last of us be back with its new sequel?. Here’s all updates we know about the Last Of Us 3.

The last of us is a series of games. Its second part was launched recently in June 2020. The first part of the game broke all the records and became one of the best selling games all over the world. Its 4 million copies were sold only within a week. The response from the audience side was so overwhelming that it urged the makers to launch part 2. The makers are analyzing the sale of part 2. If part 2 will also become one of the best selling games, and it will receive the love and support by the audience similar to part 1, then makers will definitely think upon the making of part 3. The game is launched under the tag of Naughty dog. The owner of the game series is Neil Druckmann.

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Release date of Last of us part 3

There is no official announcement regarding the release of part 3. Part 2 of the game series took seven years to come up after the first part. Part 2  was released recently in June 2020.  So, if it receives the same amount of response as part 1 received, then the makers will definitely work on part 3. So, as of now Last, of us, 3 isn’t going to be made in recent years but we can surely expect a sequel after a period of time. All we can say to the fans is to maintain patience. The wait is long but we know both the parts of Last of Us were worth our wait. So, if part 3 is made, no doubt the makers will stand on the expectations of the fans.

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Last of us 3

As we know that the game revolves around love. We saw Abby and Ellie bonding on part 2. As there is no official statement regarding the plot of part 3 but according to sources, part 3 will be somewhat different from the previous two parts. We might witness a brother and sister love in part 3. So if you are a Last of us fan and is addicted to the game then be ready to witness a siblings bond or any other exciting and emotional plot in the third series whenever it is launched.

Watch here the director, Neil Drukmann talking about his new IP and if he is going to work on Last of Us 3.