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Violet Evergarden Season 2: Will Violet ever understand the meaning of love?Find it out on the release date.

Violet Evergarden as the name suggests the story is based on a female character named Violet Evergarden who is in search of understanding the meaning of love. This Japanese-manga anime series is based purely on love, it is a romantic series and targeting a young audience who loves to watch such romantic movies or series.


Violet Evergarden is a trained soldier who goes to fight wars under the General named Gilbert Bougainvillea. She is devoid of any emotions as she is a soldier and instead of treating her like one Gilbert treats her with love, kindness and takes care of her. One fine day the war gets over and Violet is sent to the civilized world where she has to adapt to the environment which becomes difficult for her, so to ease her problems the parents who adopt sent her to a company where she trained to become an Auto-Memory Doll to write letters for the illiterate. She has no idea what happens to Gilbert but she remembers his last word ‘I love you’ and she sets on a romantic journey to understand his words.


  1. Violet Evergarden
  2. Gilbert Bougainvillea
  3. Benedict Blue
  4. Erica Brown
  5.  and some new characters.

Violet Evergarden Season 2 release date: Will Violet Evergarden Ever After  be adapted?

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The release date of season2 was supposed to come out in mid-2020 but there are high chances that it can be postponed due to Coronavirus and can get shifted to late 2020 or next year i.e 2021. Season 2 will continue from where season 1 ended and the fans are excited to know what happened to Gilbert?will he comes back? how is the journey of violet going to end? is there a happy ending or a sad ending? how is she going to adapt to this new life?


The trailer of season 2 is officially not out yet as the release date is pending and there is no response from the maker about when the teaser or trailer will be out. Till then enjoy the trailer of the movie which was made after the series.


The series was first released in the year 2018 so for the newcomers, you can watch the series on Netflix or enjoy the movie.