HomeEntertainmentJim Carrey back as Bighead on "THE MASK 3 " .Check out the latest information of Release, Plot,Characters and many more.

Jim Carrey back as Bighead on “THE MASK 3 ” .Check out the latest information of Release, Plot,Characters and many more.

Hollywood movies never disappoint its audience in entertaining, they bring us the most varied and unique storylines.  If you are a fan of Hollywood’s 90’s movie, you would surely remember the most famous movie ” The Mask(1994) “. It is a comic book series created by Doug Mahnke and John Arcudi.  The series is starred by Jim Carrey as the Mask /Bighead, Cameron Diaz, in her screen debut as Tina Carlyle and directed by Chuck Russell. The Mask stars Jim Carrey as a bank clerk, who discovers a mysterious ancient mask that brings his innermost desires to wildlife.

Interesting Facts about The Mask

The main objective of the directors was to direct the movie completely based on the comic with full horror. But they had more success coming up with a twist of comedy and Violence. So the movie was not completely based on Dark horror. The film was a box-office success, grossing $119 million domestically and over $350 million worldwide, becoming the second-highest-grossing superhero movie at that time.


Later the series taken to a new level by creating an animation version of film characters called The Mask: Animated series(1995-1997). This series consists of 3 seasons and not completely copied version of the movie, had changes like, Tina was absent in series and Peggy became the main female character. And it had a link with another animated series  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. This series got applause from worldwide winning several awards.

Huge Loss of Son of Mask 

In 2005 Son of Mask got released, starred by Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery and directed by  Lawrence Guterman. This film is independent of the film The Mask (1994). The film was criticized severely and grossed $60 million against its $90 million budget.

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WarnerBros Looking forward to Mask 3!

After the huge loss of Son of Mask, the WarnersBros decided to bring back the original Mask series with Jim carry back in his character bighead. But there is no accurate information about the conformation of Mask 3, there are of course rumors about it. Jim Carrey seems to be more interested in working with  The Mask again. There are also new characters coming on the path of Mask 3. If so it would be great news for awaited fans of The Mask and Jim Carrey back on his amazing role.