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Lil Wayne thought Future was shouting him out, but Future was talking about someone else?

.Lil Wayne is known to be somewhat out of touch with regards to current pop and hip-hop culture. He has admitted before that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea who a portion of the rappers is nowadays.

Future’s new album High Off Life has been produced my music producer Wheezy Outta Here. Presently Lil Weezy is also known as Lil Wayne, not to be mistaken for Wheezy, has been making his radio show Young Money Radio on Apple’s Beats 1 for two or three weeks at this point, and was recently giving his opinion. He talked about how he thought Future was shouting him out or acknowledging him at the start of every song.



After he admitted that he thought Future was always referring to him, he also revealed that someone corrected him and told him that Future was referring to his music producers instead.  Tunechi laughed uncontrollably as he shared the anecdote about when he’d hear Future state “Wheezy Outta Here” before his tunes. Lil Wayne thought Future was shouting him out but he was actually referring to a producer.

Envision Weezy hearing that for five, at that point six, at that point seven tracks and still not understanding that Future doesn’t generally mean Weezy child however Wheezy, the maker. As Lil Wayne stated, Wheezy is one of his preferred new makers at this moment, so’s everything love. The rapper should remain side by side of what’s going on however. Multi-platinum records, Grammy grants and world distinction is no reason for someone like Lil Wayne to be so out of touch with the hip-hop industry. Either Way, it is a funny anecdote that Lil Wayne laughed about, while Future has not reacted.