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Will Smith’s Mother Takes a Stance on the Oscars Slap by James Corden?

We all know what happened at Oscars 2022. It was going to be an amazing night but turned out to be a horror film for the academy. Chris Rock, the famous comedian makes fun of Will Smith’s wife, on her bald head. Will Smith gets angry and slaps Chris Rock. That slap was heard by the whole world including Chris’s family.

It’s been months since the Oscar thing when Will smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars. If we look around various celebrities have weighed their point on this thing. This was a slap of history and was discussed by the whole world.

Also, it was viewed by both of their families and Chris Rock’s mom speaks regarding the same. Chris  Rock’s mom, Rosalie who is also called Rose Rock that she also watched the 94th academy awards that night. In an interview with South Carolina’s WIS TV, the author explained that she initially believed Smith’s slap was staged until he said bad things, after returning to his seat. 

Will Smith's Mother Takes a Stance on the Oscars Slap by James Corden?


She clarifies that slapping Chris was like slapping her whole family that is the Rock family. She says that he slapped her. Chris made a joke about Will’s wife’s bald head and there he is standing on stage, slapping him. Will also justified his doing and said sorry on social media. Chris Rock also didn’t press any charges against Will Smith.

Rose Rock also says that this night was really special for everyone, including Chris. This was because he was going to give an amazing speech, but lately, no one took note of it. Everyone was like what just happened and everyone was shocked. No one cared to hear the speech of Chris rock. The whole night was ruined for both of them.

Rose felt that this doing on international television was not at all up to the mark. This was not a bearable act. She feels that Will should have controlled himself. But this rage about someone letting his family down raised him from his seat, ending up slapping Chris Rock.

Will Smith is a good actor. He also won the award for best actor that night. But the joy, the enthusiasm of winning was lost. Everyone’s excitement was at zero level with this event. This night ruined everything. The speech Chris Rock was going to give was also ruined due to this drama. People also comment that this was a planned event, just to gain media popularity.

But the truth is hidden behind the bars, and the only truth one can see through right now is that this event ruined many people. Chris’s family felt heartbroken and so did Will smith’s family.

Also after the night, when the event got ended, Will Smith apologized, to Chris. He also wrote he apologies to the academy and he also apologized to the audience. He felt sorry for his deeds. He was suspended from the Academy awards after that night. So now, Will Smith would not be part of the Oscars for ten years straight. He accepts this thing and feels sorry for the event, but no one can un-do past.

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