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Mark Benson Notes That Smarthings Remains Unique, With New Matter Came Up

We are living in the digital era. Not sure, if we can call it lucky. But this modern age has gone too far, replacing humans with artificial intelligence. If you want to switch on the TV, you are not supposed to leave the sit, instead, you can switch it on with the help of this thing called artificial intelligence.

Mark Benson Notes That Smarthings Remains Unique, With New Matter Came Up

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There is this famous name called SmartThings. Most of the people who are owing smart homes might have come across this name. SmartThings is an American company dealing in home automation. So it deals with smart home services. The company is headquartered in Mountain View California. Currently, the company is owned by Samsung. In August 2014, Samsung took over SmartThings.

Reports and news is flushing that smart home is going to change. Usually, it is like that if you a smart bulb of so and so company, then it is required that you are ought to have smart light of that company only because you have a bulb of that company. But now with the help of the new Matter, you will just need to buy the smart device. This smart device will work like Siri on your phone, that is you can use a voice assistant. Also, an app service is available.

So this will create a lot of flexibility. You can switch from Amazon Alexa to Google Home or from Apple HomeKit to SmartThings. The only requirement is that it must be enabled with this thing called Matter.

SmartThings is one of the most active brands of smart homes. There is also an app available and with the help of this app, you can operate your smart home device. Say for example refrigerator, television, etc. This app is inbuilt into most Samsung phones and users can install it to use the smart home feature.

SmartThings is consumer-friendly and user-friendly. It comes with multiple things in it including wifi, Zigbee, Z wave, and much more. All this makes SmartThings much more customer-friendly. It is one of the most consistent smart home devices. It comes with a voice assistant too. 


The company has moved from manufacturing to providing support for Samsung’s connected devices. It has also launched various other smart home platforms to get customer management. In 2021 it launched Cooking, Air care, Clothing care, and even Pet care sections. All this was done so that users can connect more and more appliances. 

We are humans and we should adapt ourselves to changes around us. Mark Benson says that he wants to take SmartThings to another level. He says that people will be shocked by new features that would be revealed. Mark Benson wants to take Samsung to another level.

He wants to work on scale and flexibility in the future. Also pandemic has taught humans, that change is an inevitable part of our lives and in the future Smart homes would also be one such thing. He also says that the new Matter will make smart homes more popular. 

In the future, SmartThings V3 Hub and the Aeotec SmartThings Hub will upgrade to the Matter. So this is going to be huge upgrade.

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