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Leaks About Google Pixel’s Watch, a Good News for Android Users, Must See It.

We all know google has beat its competitors in every field. Google is one of the most popular companies in the world just like an apple. There are also rumors being heard regarding the Google pixel watch. These rumors come way back to before its pixel branding when it was known as the Nexus watch.

However, Google didn’t make it up to rumors, but it’s been heard that it launch its new debut in 2022. This comes in context with the latest evidence from leaked images of the watch.  An individual leaked the photos of the prototype to Android Central. Also, he says he found this in a restaurant. Those photos were also posted on Reddit by the same individual. This was done to give a clear look to the audience regarding the watch.

The watch has a unique display. The watch is circular, rather than typical square types. It has a unique wrapped display on its circular frame and a depressible rotating crown just like the digital crown available in the apple watch. It has a single button alongside.

Leaks About Google Pixel's Watch, a Good News for Android Users, Must See It.

There is a proprietary connector for the watch bands and along the edge are the speaker and microphone. Its been found that the design of the band is quite similar to that of Fitbit sense or Fitbit versa. The only difference is in the clip mechanism.

In one of the band sloths, there is a side view of a pogo plug connector. This might be for advanced tracking options or simply a feature of the engineering sample and won’t be present in the final design of the watch.

The user also helps us to get an idea of the measurements. The model is 40mm wide, which quite matches the base of the galaxy watch 4 models and is slightly smaller than the apple watch series 7. So the final measurements are thickness at 14mm, which means this watch is 40% thicker than the galaxy watch 4 and 30% thicker than the apple watch series 7. It can also be noted that this prototype might be changed by the company, due to leakage, so the final design may differ. It may not precisely match the final hardware.

Originally the leaker was able to get the G  boot logo. The overall hardware is fascinating and created hype. People are now more excited regarding the launch.

The look created by google is also unique, only the thickness needs to be changed.  Google’s history with hand bands has been spotty. The company has launched wristwear for 7.5 years. The product has arrived with various companies like Motorola, Samsung, LG, and HTC.

But Samsung drifted and started developing its unique flavor Tizen, also Motorola has switched to the moto watch OS. It is really difficult to know how much technology would have been required to create the first-gen pixel. Google is developing important stuff with an A-fib detector.

Pixel phones were pretty good, though sales were less. Google is now completely into a new division of phones and accessories. The prototype of the watch was quite similar to the apple watch and people are waiting for the wristband to launch. So let’s see how this turns out.

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