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Via Lee, Charlotte County, Many Homes Are Destroyed Due To Tornado

A destructive EF2 tornado touched down in the Iona area of Lee County, just before 8 am on Sunday. The National Weather Service has confirmed it as an active storm with winds reaching 110 MPH! Fortunately, no one was injured or killed by this powerful twist of fate- shattering windows and knocking over trees are among its many damages but luckily there were not any reports thus far about injuries caused because people had time to take shelter during these strongest gusts which lasted almost two hours.”


As of 1 pm, more than 7 thousand Lee County residents were without power. Additionally, 28 homes in this area were destroyed and 60 others were impacted by hurricane Irma but unable to live there anymore due to their properties now being unfit for habitation or salvageable at all after the storm’s damage has been done which is why we should be doing everything possible so nobody else can suffer like they have had a bad outcome too!

According to Iona McGregor Fire District Deputy Chief of Operations and Incident Commander, Khalid Aquil there is “a heavy concentration” of units right now in this area.

Via Lee, Charlotte County, Many Homes Are Destroyed Due To Tornado

The NWS has not confirmed details of the suspected tornado, but WBBH-TV reports that it’s left a trail of destruction in Lee County.

“There have been a lot of accidents over the past few days,” said Aquil.

Aquin reports that four people were injured in this latest mishap and are now stable thanks to medical professionals on-site who evacuated them all quickly with helicopters when things became too dangerous for rescuers at ground level.”

The Lee County Sheriff is warning residents to stay indoors while they search for the shooter. They’re also asking everyone not to use any gas leaks as an excuse to go outside and risk getting shot by either law enforcement or other victims in this chaos!

The County Sheriff is warning residents to be careful when they go out in their neighborhoods. Although it may seem like everything has settled, there could still be potent drugs or debris on the ground that you couldn’t see before walking past – especially with all this storm damage around us!

We must take care of ourselves and make sure nothing gets too close because nature isn’t always kind during these types of events.”

The IMF is estimating that around 150-200 people have been displaced by this natural disaster, and they’re providing emergency shelter for those who need it.

Sheriff Marceno refused to accept the blame for this tragedy and placed all of it on the doorstep of physicians who he said should have done more.

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