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Who Will Be The Next VGU? League of Legends Reveals [Know Now]

Well played, scorpion gang; your time has come. Riot Games announced today the results of a recent VGU (visual and gameplay update) poll for League Champions where players were able to vote on which champion they would like next receive rework treatment from one-on-five featured in this competition but its Skarner who ends up winning by large margin beating four other candidates easily!

Who Will Be The Next VGU? League of Legends Reveals [Know Now]

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League of Legends players is always looking for new champions to try out. This year, Riot placed five different champs in this poll which included Nocturne and his dark counterpart: Tryndamere; a popular art from Jarvan IV – Skarner with 33% percent of the vote! The next closest was Shyvanna at 19%, followed by Kog’ Maw who received 15%. In fourth is another reinvented character – Soraka Alongside Velini onto Garen

With this vote, Skarner has now won the match. However, it is important to stress that the updated version of his character will not be coming into League any time soon; Riot Games needs only start reworking him over this year which they have already begun doing! lead producer Ryan Mireles said in an interview with Gamepro “We plan on keeping [his ultimate ability] intact but alter essentially every other part”

The development team’s goal for reshaping skarners kit includes preserving what makes players love playing as well as Avoiding unwanted changes.

These changes will be coming to Skarner in a few months, and we’re hoping they make him more balanced.

The new version of the champion is due out by 2023 so it sounds like there’s going to be some major shift happening with this kit then! It would help if you could give me your thoughts on how things can work better.

Skarner has been a long-awaited addition to the League of Legends roster and it looks like he will finally get his chance this September. The results from our poll show that while many people are excited about Skarners return, others feel as though Riot Games strung them along with promises they never kept before eventually releasing him in anticipation for more Platinum skin sales later down the road which left quite a few stakeholders upset at how things went down between all parties involved including me since I voted “yes” but now won’t change my answer if given another option

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