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Benedict Cumberbatch PISSED Jesse Plemons With Method Acting And ‘big boy’ Comment

Imagine being so focused on your character that you can’t even enjoy the company of others. That is what it sounds like for Benedict Cumberbatch, who revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about his experience filming Netflix’s Power Of The Dog. He said he got under actor Jesse Plemons’ skin by making unexpected comments regarding weight and other personal issues while they were shooting their scenes together-and this seems quite possible considering how committed both actors were during production!

The two played cowboy brothers in the film. One, Phil (Cumberbatch) is silvery and proceeds with an air of someone who knows what he wants; whereas his brother George falls head over heels for Rose after seeing her on-screen romance with another man before meeting real-life counterpart Kirsten Dunst at a party where they both worked together as actors!

Kirsten’s son then brings dad back home only to find out how different things can go when you’re not ready – literally speaking because this situation doesn’t end well.

This is a conflict that’s been brewing for some time now. It was just last year that Cumberbatch expressed his empathy towards the character and how hard things must be on an actor’s shoulders when playing such complex characters in the public eye!

Jane Campion’s Western drama was well received by critics and audiences alike. The film won multiple awards, including Best Motion Picture in the Drama category at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony as well as an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

Plemons on the method of Cumberbatch acting

Benedict Cumberbatch PISSED Jesse Plemons With Method Acting And ‘big boy’ Comment

Method acting is a practice that some actors use to help them become more immersed in their characters. It involves adopting the traits and personalities of your chosen role, even if it means changing who you are at home or off-set; for example by putting on an accent when necessary. Other Method actors keep things normal between takes so they can maintain composure under pressure (perhaps because there will be no break from filming until lunchtime!).

However, it seems that this is not always the case with other actors. In an interview given by one unto Variety Plemons shared his experience working alongside Cumberbatch on set and how he got under your skin at times during filming The Power of Dog when they were both involved in different scenes together.”

When Plemmons asked why the man called him “big boy”, he received a surprising answer.

“He’s like,” explained Mr. O’Dell- “‘hey b*****’, as opposed to calling people fatso.” And I was just offended that this person would say such a thing about me!

Respond of Cumberbatch

When he confronted Plemons about the comment “p****d him off,” it is no surprise that Cumberbatch avoided conflict.

Plemons is embarrassed about what happened. He said, “He was like,’ I’m so sorry and I remember thinking that he looked really sad for some reason – which made me feel guilty because it had nothing to do with him.”

Leo is set to star alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming Martin Scorcese crime drama Killer of the Flower Moon, which has been filmed recently. The movie follows Plemons’ character as he journeys across the country following his dog’s intuition about something big happening – we’ll keep you posted when more information becomes available!

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