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A New System Launched By OpenSea Which Protect You From Recent Bug

Users of the NFT marketplace OpenSea will soon be able to reclaim unsold sale offers. A new system launching in two weeks is part of their ongoing effort at making markets more efficient and community-driven!

This is a major change for the company, as it will now be able to remove old and inactive listings. CEO Devin Finzer announced these updates in an announcement post on Facebook earlier this week- he said they’ve made “to ensure that your old expired items don’t come back up again”.

The developers behind a popular cryptocurrency project have announced they’re pulling the plug on old contracts following an exploit that allowed hackers to buy tokens for hundreds of thousands below market price.

When a token for Bored Ape’s yacht club was sold for less than $2,000 and then immediately resold again by the original owner. The new buyer paid over 192 thousand dollars!

A New System Launched By OpenSea Which Protect You From Recent Bug

The bug was a result of how OpenSea’s platform interacts with the Ethereum blockchain, often saving gas fees by listing offers locally rather than coding them into mainland China.

The report found an oversight in their old contracts system that allowed them to sometimes linger on the blockchain without appearing through OpenSea.

With the prices for these old contracts being out of date, attackers were able to take advantage and make offers against them which usually caught unsuspecting victims off guard.

Users can cancel all unfilled contracts while incurring only minimal gas fees with the new system that’s been implemented by OpenSea!

For a long time, signatures have been written in contract laws with very few spaces between lines. This has led to people mistaking terms and meanings when they’re close together or not looking closely enough- but now there’s change! The new format will use larger lettering for easier reading on paper documents like contracts– hopefully preventing future confusion about what exactly it means by “You shall maintain.”

The company is expected to invite all users within the next 15 days, at which point they’ll be switched over and can start using this updated system.

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