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The Famous Singer Grand Ole Opry Faces Big Criticism After Morgan Wallen Performance, Shocking

The Grand Ole Opry has come under fire after a tweet from Morgan Wallen, the country music singer who was caught on camera using racially derogatory language.

When the Opry, which has been criticized for being predominantly white in its history and present-day make-up by many musicians online following singer Charlotte Wallen’s performance last night (April 2nd), it received further criticism due to her selecting songs from cover albums that have also typically only featured male artists.


What does it mean for Black artists to be banned from The Opry?

” Morgan Wallen’s thoughtless redemption tour is the nail in our coffin,” said Joy Oladokun. We all watched as she mentioned how this decision will affect not just herself but other people too, especially those who are looking forward towards breaking through with their music or career goals–a nail that has been put right through them instead!

Joy Oladokun felt that Opry’s decision to stop playing music by black artists was reflective of a larger problem in Nashville.

Others were less than complimentary about the Opry’s overall atmosphere and how it felt more like an old folks’ home than a place where young people should be aspiring to belong.

“What upsets me more than anything is the idea of a young, black artist walking into that venue and wondering if anyone cares about their music or art. It’s tough enough as it is for people who don’t have any protection from being judged by somebody else,” said Jason Isbell on Twitter before adding: “The nice thing about getting older though – at least I hope so!-is you get used to feeling not cared-about.”

Wallen is a country singer who had used racial slurs on camera last year. Despite some temporary bans from certain venues, he later resumed his tour and ended 2021 with the top album of that genre as well as most popular for all genres- amazing streaks!

The Opry has always been known as one of the most welcoming places for all people, but it recently took a stand against racism by tweeting out “Racism Is Real” in June 2020 after George Floyd was murdered.

We’ve reached out to a representative for Wallen as well as the Opry, but they have not yet responded.

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