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For Next ‘A Quiet Place’ Installment Michael Sarnoski Is In Talks

The third installment of A Quiet Place is expected to have its next director soon. Michael Sarnoski, who directed actor Nicolas Cage-starrer ‘Pig’, maybe taking on this project for Paramount’s successful franchise in the near future!

It seems the next installment in Paramount’s popular franchise, ‘QP 3’, might land a new director soon. As per Variety Michael Sarnoski is currently talking to direct actor Nicolas Cage-starrer Pig and previously attached was Jeff Nichols who has taken time off from his project an untitled sci-fi movie was also set atThe studio but according to reports he’ll be back on board as well after all so watch out!

For Next 'A Quiet Place' Installment Michael Sarnoski Is In Talks

The next “A Quiet Place” film is reportedly not expected to pick up where part two left off with Emily Blunt character’s Evelyn Abbott and her children. Instead, the upcoming installment will reportedly start with John Krasinski’s Lee Abbott character who has now turned into a leader of the community.

The “A Quiet Place” sequel is expected to show the story takes place four or five years after part two where Emily Blunt’s Evelyn Abbot dies and her children are now grown up. The news was revealed by actor Noah Jupe, who plays Marcus Abbott in the ‘QP’ franchise, during an interview with Collider. He said:

“I think it’ll be great to follow up where you hear his voice at the end saying, ‘We’re going to make it,’ because he’ll have started this whole new world basically.” He added: “The first one starts on the day it all goes down

His upcoming Pig has yet to receive an official release date. However, it was recently screened out of competition at Venice Film Festival in Italy – the same event where another monster-fighting flick you might’ve heard about (Venom) was shown too…

It’s unclear when “A Quiet Place 3” willing movie will be more of a spin-off than another threequel! It was created by actor/ filmmaker John Krasinski who wrote+directed both parts in addition to playing this newest role for himself alongside some other talented actors like Allison silence (Get Out), transforming them into unforgettable characters that are sure not only generate scares but also intense emotions from audiences around the world when they see what happens next installment after

The Platinum Dunes team is back for ‘A Quiet Place 2,’ and this time they’re joined by John Krasinski! The actor-producer will be producing through his Sunday Night banner with partner Allyson Seeger serving as executive producer. They’ve already proved that their pandemic era releases are worth seeing in theatres – just look at how much money it made after premiering only on these screens: USD 57 million during its opening weekend alone (to date).

When monsters are around, silence is your best friend. For instance, with ultra-sensitive hearing, Sarnoski uses his to dodge their attacks and come back in harmony! In addition, he has helmed episodes for ‘Olympia’ & ‘ Fight Night Legacy’.

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