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[Shoking] Where Is Andy Cosferent? Andy Cosferent From Cheer Is Missing

The second season of Netflix’s “Cheer” has just been announced and we can’t wait! The show will follow the ups and downs in both competitions, as well as some familiar faces from last year. Its portrayal of how competitive cheerleading is might’ve caught viewers’ attention around the world when it premiered back in the January 2020 time period – but now you’ll be able to see what goes down during season 2 coming up soon enough if that sounds good or interesting enough for your liking?


When Andy Cosferent was growing up, he loved to play sports and had an amazing muscular physique. He studied at Navarro College in Texas for cheerleading as a career option after graduating from high school with dual degrees of Bachelor’s degree (BA) & Associates Degree(AD). While there he won two National Championships under Monic Aldama’s tutelage!

[Shoking] Where Is Andy Cosferent? Andy Cosferent From Cheer Is Missing

Andy became the Assistant Cheer Coach after finishing his education and performing in local all-star games. He brought new ideas to Head Coache Monika’s table, consulting frequently before any major decisions were made because of how firm yet warm it made him seem during mentorship sessions as well which played a critical role improvement process for our program; there’s no denying that Andy had quite an impact on students here at school leading them towards success just by being himself – this led up into taking over next season alongside New Assistantship candidate Kilee Peppers!

Andy Cosferent where is he now?

Andy Conference, the president, and CEO of CheerSource is a retired cheerleading coach. He is still involved with an industry as he continues to work on behalf of a public figure that helps gym owners provide various services such choreography for their events or skills training sessions in order make them more efficient.”

Andy Belmont spent most of his free time traveling to new places and he told me that it is because “No matter how difficult growing up may have been, there’s always a way out.” He went on to explain how being successful makes people happy.

“We all deserve to feel loved and protected, no matter what our skin color or sexuality is. Let’s come together as a family for us each have someone’s back through anything – including this fight.”

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