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The Royal Family’s both Daughter-in-Laws Might Be EXPECTING! Middleton and Markle Are Both Pregnant – Know More Here

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There is an air of mystery regarding the Royal Family. The two daughters-in-law, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle are reportedly having another baby to their families. While this will be the second baby for Meghan, it is the fourth in line for Kate. The sources confirming the status are still dubious but the signs of both of them being pregnant exist. The two are living with their husbands on different continents but seems like lockdown surprises aren’t over yet. Meghan, who has a baby boy Archie, wants a baby girl to complete the family. However, the fourth baby of Kate will only be her idolizing Queen Elizabeth, who has four children. In an interview, Prince Williams did express his desire of having four children like his grandmother.

How do we know the details: The Royal Family

Kate Middleton’s habit of changing her hairstyle just before she announces that she is expecting a baby. In the latest images of her that are circulating on the net, she is showing a new type of wave in her hair. This is something that has all of us speculating the arrival of the fourth heir. Another reason why we think the duchess is pregnant is that she is taking time off and maintaining herself. Given that her last pregnancies were complicated, it is pretty much a sign that there may be good news on the way.

About Meghan Markle, we know how outgoing she is as a mother. When she was pregnant with Archie, the actress did not shy away from showing her baby bump. Unlike Kate, she is very open and excited about being public on the thought and excitement of motherhood. In her latest video that she posted for her son’s birthday, the actress is wearing a loose denim shirt to cover the bump. She very well hid it but there might be an announcement on her side too. She anyway wants another baby in the age of Archie so that they can bond well. Meghan is secretly rooting for a baby girl to complete the family!

Thus there might be two celebrations in the Royal Family by the end of this year!

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