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Pregnant woman fatally hit by SUV while walking on Anaheim sidewalk with husband.

A pregnant woman died after hitting an SUV car on the road. Know more about this news in this article:

A pregnant woman fatally hit by an SUV car while she was walking on Anaheim’s sidewalk with her husband.

This is really a piece of bad news that came from California which is shocking and hurting. Well, every day road accidents news came from worldwide. Some got little injuries and did not hit that badly. Sometimes people got much-hurt damages and even some had to sacrifice their lives. And every day road accidents are increasing more and more everywhere in the world.

And it goes even worse when babies are involved in these accidents and they died in that. People should have to follow safety precautions and car driving rules on the road. And now every government is trying to aware the citizens follow the traffic rules and got every safety precaution taken while driving your car or any other vehicle. Even if you are going on your feet then you must have to be careful on the roads.

What happens with the woman?

On Tuesday while she walking along with her husband on the sidewalk of Anaheim, An SUV car came across and hit her fatally. The worst thing here is that woman was 35 weeks pregnant. This accident happened at the time of the evening. After hitting the police got her to the hospital where she died. But the doctors delivered the baby from the womb. Her husband thanks the nurses and doctors to help his wife and his daughter to fight along with them to death.

After three week treatment, the baby can go home with her father and can live a normal life, said by the doctors.

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