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Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone show- Reason for Death? Get Exclusive Details About the Tribute| Cause of Death| Life| and More

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone

The American television drama series Yellowstone that premiered on Paramount Network on June 20, 2018, released its second season on June 19, 2019. But what caught the attention of the viewers was a special tribute given to Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone at the end of season 2. Who is she? Fans of the show are wondering and eager to know more about her and why did she get a tribute.


Melanie Olmstead was born in 1968, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many might not know that she is the adopted daughter of Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard. She made her place in the film and television industry for almost two decades. She mainly worked behind the scenes, as a member of the production team Melanie.

Olmstead Yellowstone previously worked as a location assistant in the film Primary Suspect in the year 2000. Afterward, she worked in movies like Darling Campanion, Frozen, and Benji: off the leash.

In fact, she also worked as a driver in the Disney superhit film John Carter, Point Break, 12 Gods of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue, and few more foreign projects such as Ari Aster’s Hereditary, which was critically acclaimed, Point Break and Wild Horses in 2015 as well as Wind River in 2017.

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone
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Melanie Olmstead was happily married to Annalise Ford on December 31, 2015. They lived together in Utah until she died in 2019. Melanie Olmstead was also very much loved by all her friends as she was extremely down to earth and had great integrity.

Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone was also very fond of animals and even owned a horse named Mahogany. She often expressed her love for her horse on Facebook stating that their relationship started during her college times and that she is very close to her. Melanie Olmstead was a well-known face in the television industry for her contributions to shows like Snatchers and Yellowstone. She was the transportation and location head on the sets of Yellowstone. Melanie Olmstead’s last credit was for her work as a driver in the 2020 biographical drama film Joe Bell. Her most popular work was in Yellowstone.


Fans became more curious about Melanie Olmstead after seeing a special tribute at the end of the last episode of season 2 ‘Sins of the Father’. In the title card, it was written- “In memory of Melanie Olmstead 1968-2019.” Sadly she dies at the age of 50 in May 2019.

All Television shows pay their respect by giving a tribute at the end of an episode after the demise of any member of the cast and crew that contributed to the production of the show. Generally, we just tend to appreciate the main cast members who work on the upfront but we should also value and try to know more about those who work even harder behind the scenes to make every show a success. Luckily, the makers of Yellowstone made sure that Melanie Olmstead’s contributions are acknowledged by giving her the tribute.

These unsung heroes deserve our love and respect for entertaining us. Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone’s family and friends organized an event in Salt Lake City in her memory to celebrate her. Coincidently, Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone was born in the same place where the show Yellowstone was shot, so that definitely reflected her deep connections with the show. Many of her co-workers, writers of the show, actors, posted on social media paying homage to her.


Unfortunately, Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone cause of death is not mentioned anywhere. The makers of the show did not reveal any information regarding it. Some said that Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone might have committed suicide but nothing of that sort has been confirmed. Seems like they want to keep it confidential and that is totally understood as it is important to give some space and privacy to her family and close ones to mourne her. That is why the media has no information about the reasons for her death. As soon as we get more updates will let you all know only on Insta chronicles.


Melanie Olmstead

The drama series Yellowstone was created by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan which stars Kelly Reilly, Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Cole Hauser, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham in lead roles. The show airs on Paramount Network. The show has been renewed for a third season in 2020 and following the premiere of which the fourth season was also announced to be released in June 2021 probably. Sadly, Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone and her work would be heavily missed in the further seasons.


Faq about Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone:

Who was Melanie Olmstead Yellowstone? 
At Yellowstone, Melanie Olmstead worked as transportation and location lead. Sadly, she was honored at the end of ‘Sins of the Father’ because she passed away at the age of 50 in May 2019. The dedication read: “In memory of Melanie Olmstead 1968-2019.
How did Melanie Olmstead pass away?
 Melanie Olmstead died at the age of 50 and had worked in the world of Hollywood film and TV since the year 2000. Melanie Olmstead is best known for her work on Yellowstone, for which she was the transportation and location lead. The crew member died in May 2019 but no cause of death has been given yet.
Who is Melanie’s husband?
Annalise Passage.
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