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Is Julian Edelman married: Who is his wife? Relationship | Fatherhood | TRUTH REVEALED!!!

Who is Julian Edelman?

Is Julian Edelman married: Julian Edelman, a former American footballer was born on 22nd May 1986. He used to play for Kent State and San Mateo College. He got recognition quite later and was a regular starter in the year 2013. He has also been ranked in the top receiving yards recently. Jerry Rice is just ahead of Julian in postseason receiving yards and receptions. Julian secured a super bowl trophy.

He had quite a few relationships earlier. The question is, Is Julian Edelman married? Who is Lily? Who is his wife?? You will the answers to these questions in this article.

How fatherhood has impacted Julian

Is Julian Edelman married: In the year 2016, Ella rose who is a model revealed that the father of her unborn child is Julian Edelman. She filed a paternity suit stating the same. At first, Julian didn’t agree with this statement but later on accepted his daughter who is named Lily. It’s confirmed that the relationship between them wasn’t serious and it just took another turn.

In an interview, Julian talked about the hardships of being a father saying, “Fatherhood is such a huge challenge especially with [Ella’s] profession and my profession being able to give my daughter the time and energy that she desires and that she needs. There’s a fine line. You have your craft, and you’re working towards being the best you can be, something that you’ve been working towards your whole life since you were 8 years old, and then all of a sudden, your priorities change.”

Is Julian Edelman married: Who is his wife? Relationship | Fatherhood | TRUTH REVEALED!!!
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There has been a huge impact of fatherhood on Julian. Though, he didn’t plan on it. It has surely changed his perception of dating and relationships. He decides according to his daughter and takes utmost care of her. He said that he is going to choose a partner who can take care of Lily and shower love to her. He mentioned that as ‘stepmom material.’

He acknowledged it in an interview saying, “When I go out and meet a fine young lady, I don’t get to just think about me. I’ve got to think about [Lily] so that one’s tricky. But I am dating and [she 100 per cent needs to be stepmom material]. If she doesn’t mess with Lil, then she can’t mess with me.”

Who is Ella Rose? Mother of Lily?

Is Julian Edelman married: The real name of Ella Rose is Manuela Cherry. She belongs to Sweden and was born in Malmo. However, white Caucasians are her ethnicity. There’s not much known about Ella Rose. She has a sibling. Ella Rose dated Julian Edelman back in time.

Ella Rose is a model by profession and she does her job with elegance. She knows the ability to carry and present herself properly. She has hazel eyes with a fair complexion. Ella Rose is a beautiful model with a sweet essence.

Is Julian Edelman married: Who is his wife? Relationship | Fatherhood | TRUTH REVEALED!!!
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Ella Rose Professional Life

Is Julian Edelman married: Ella Rose is a model by profession. She has also an influencer. She is active on her social media handle and updates people with her photoshoots, trips, daily routine, etc. She was also featured in a music video in December 2014. The song was ‘karate’ by R3hab.

Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima

Is Julian Edelman married: The rumours about Julian and Adriana started back in 2016. The rumour was true they both dated each other but eventually broke up the next year in February 2017. The sources reveal that schedule conflicts comprise the reason for their separation. Another source said that they weren’t compatible together and their relationship was a sure shot end.

There were other reasons too like Adriana was not looking forward to settling down. “She dates men like male sports stars go through women. She’s beautiful, one of the most desired women in the world, she’s fun, has already been married and isn’t looking to settle down.”

Julian Edelman and Daiane Sodre

Is Julian Edelman married: Daiane Sodre is a Brazilian model. They both came into contact in the year 2018 for the first time. They were also seen together on the beach. The rumours started recently in 2020 November. The comment by Julian led to the beginning of this rumour. The comment was eyes and lips on Daiane’s post.

Heart and kisses were the replies of Daiane. The gossips started soon after these comments and as everyone knew that he is single.

The Brazilian model is associated with Victoria’s Street, Avon, Ralph Lauren, etc. She was also seen in ‘No Stylist.’ It is a track by Drake and French Montana. Also, there were stories about Edelman and Demi Lovato.

Is Julian Edelman married: Who is his wife? Relationship | Fatherhood | TRUTH REVEALED!!!
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Retirement of Julian Edelman

Is Julian Edelman married: Julian Edelman retired in April 2021. He announced his retirement publicly. The major reason for his retirement is the injury that was caused in his knee in the year 2020. “Nothing in my career has ever come easy. And no surprise, this isn’t going to come easy either,” he mentioned on his social platform. He also said in his video, “I’ve always said I’m going to go until the wheels come off. And they finally have fallen off”.


Q: Is Julian Edelman married?

A: No, he is not married.

Q: Who is Julian Edelman’s wife?

A: He doesn’t have a wife.

Q: When did Julian Edelman retire?

A: August 2021


I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Is Julian Edelman married? Stay tuned to know more about the celebrities!!!

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