HomeEntertainmentIs ‘Take me to Church’ singer Hozier homosexual? Read on to know about Hozier and 6 amazing facts about him. CHECK OUT NOW!!

Is ‘Take me to Church’ singer Hozier homosexual? Read on to know about Hozier and 6 amazing facts about him. CHECK OUT NOW!!

Hozier homosexual-

Well, the article is about the Irish Musician, songwriter, and singer Hoizer who took a flight to fame through his controversial yet laurel amassing and praiseworthy album ‘Take me to Church’ which was released in the year 2013. Moreover, Hozier fetched recognition through his musical craft and for quite a few masterpieces he has generated. Furthermore, Hozier has also won Grammy’s nomination.

Though Hozier homosexual was not recognized much, the release of his written masterpiece ‘Take me to church’ became the reason behind his rising fame. However, the release of his song also gave birth to much anticipation and speculation. Keep scrolling and explore more about Hozier and his life and the dubious allegation imposed on him, and much more.



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Hozier’s bio and wiki

Young lad famously known for his songwriting, singing and a talented Irish musician Hozier homosexual took his first breath on earth in the year 1990 on the 17th of March. The original name which Hozier holds is Andrew John Hozier Byrne who hails from Bray, County Wicklow. Hozier came as a blessing to his parents Raine Hozier-Byrne who was an artist too, and John Byrne, who was employed as a local blues drummer, and.

Moreover, John Byrne had a day job working at a bank. Hozier spent his growing up days near Delgany, County Wicklow. According to Hozier, he describes the early days of his life as a child were like a class clown, and also mentions himself as an ‘unfocused student’. Moreover, his definition for his school life is a “monotonous nightmare”. Andrew John Hozier Byrne initiated writing songs at a very early age when was just a 15 years old lad. 


Moreover, Hozier himself taught him a guitar and used to sing in his school choir. He attained his high school education at Delgany National School. However, Hozier belongs and was raised in a Quaker household, despite that fact he attended Catholic-based schooling at St. Gerard’s School before he commenced his venture of studying music at the Trinity College, Dublin. Moreover, Hozier refused his studies in college and left it mid-way, and missed his exams to record demos for a music label.

Furthermore, initially, Hozier started his musical venture from folk, soul, and blues. In addition to it, he often uses religious and literary themes sparking variations in her forte. Moving ahead in his musical journey slowly and steadily, Andrew John Hozier Byrne cracked a lucky draw for his career and had his international breakthrough after the premiere of his debut single “Take Me to Church”, which amassed recognition not only in Hollywood but it exploded and certified multi-platinum in numerous countries.

Moreover, his album grappled a position in a rock radio hit in the United States but also reached the peak at number two on the most prestigious The Billboard Hot 100. 


The incident that gave rise to speculation of  Hozier Is homosexual?

Music sensation Andrew John Hozier Byrne or most adorably addressed as Hozier grappled the spotlight after the release of his single debut song whose lyrics were plotted by  Hozier homosexual himself. Moreover, Andrew John Hozier Byrne, himself gave his soul-pleasing voice to his song “Take me to Church”. After the release of this song in the year 2013, it exploded globally.

However, the release not only fetched fame and recognition for Andrew John Hozier Byrne, or loveably known as Hozier but he also faced quite a few repercussions for his song lyrics and video. He suffered the allegations of being homosexual because the plot of that song is based on the theory that the Catholic studied poke their nose in relationships where it is not required and love is not gender-biased or divided categorically but it’s about humanity and affection above all.


Moreover, the video of the song demonstrated that how brutally the love is crushed by the Church’s power when it comes to sexuality and how gay love being discriminated against most violently. Hozier homosexual stated in an interview :

“The core of that song for me was writing about affirming love. It’s saying that love is a vital human activity and one’s sexuality is central to their humanity, yet it’s baffling that an organization like the Roman Catholic church should have any say in how a person should conduct their sexual life, or that they should be able to dictate and pontificate over what is the correct way to love somebody, or who is the correct person to love.”  

These lines addressed by Hozier homosexual parked the tattles of him being gay as he was standing in the support of the LGBT community and voiced his opinion regarding the LGBT marriages and stood for their rights. All these statements and incidents ganged up together and created futile evidence of him being gay. 


Facts about Andrew John Hozier Byrne


  1. Hozier’s real name is Andrew John Hozier Byrne.
  2. In the year 2014, Hozier fetched the nomination for Song of the Year for ‘Take Me to Church,’ but unfortunately lost out to Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with Me.’ 
  3. In the year 2015, Hozier earned quite a few laurels in conjunction with, a BBC Music Award, two Billboard Music Awards, a European Border Breaker award, and a Teen Choice Award.
  4. Though the Irish music sensation Hozier is a firm believer in keeping his life in a nutshell there was a buzz regarding his lady love which is anticipated to be Irish American actress Saoirse Ronan who also appeared in his video for ‘Cherry Wine.
  5. Andrew John Hozier Byrne adorably known as Hozier, along with his melodious throat also has a dapper personality which is 6 foot 3 inches tall.
  6. The first cover of Hozier’s music album titled Wasteland, Baby! in which he was seen chilling on a chair underwater was designed by his very talented mother and was not photoshopped.

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Frequently Asked Question


Q1. Who is Hozier?

A1. Versatile Irish musician Hozier’s original name is Andrew John Hozier Byrne took his first breath on earth in the year 1990 on the 17th of March. The original name which Hozier holds is Andrew John Hozier Byrne who hails from Bray, County Wicklow.


Q2. What religion is Hozier homosexual? 

A2. Hozier belongs to a Protestant ethnicity and upbringing in the Quaker faith but has attained his schooling at a Catholic school. He is also an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church.

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