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Lana Rhoades Real name: What is it? Networth Life | Relationship | Awards | Interesting Facts

Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades’s real name: Lana Rhoades is an American former adult movie star. She was born on 6th September 1996. She is quite popular for her work including her videos on YouTube. Lana Rhoades is her on-screen name.  Her net worth is around $2 million. She has an alluring physique and is a real beauty. She is so popular in the industry and amongst the public. Nowadays, Lana Rhoades is actively posting on her social media accounts. The 24-year-old left the industry in 2018 due to some issues with the producers.

What is Lana Rhoades’s real name?

Lana Rhoades’s real name: The real name of Lana Rhoades is Amara Maple.

Lana Rhoades Real name: What is it? Networth Life | Relationship | Awards | Interesting Facts
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Lana Rhoades real name: She was born in Chicago, Illinois. She had a rough patch of her life during childhood as she was sent to punishment facilities at the age of six. She got out of the facilitation after five years and later on finished high school and graduated from a renowned college Oakton community college. She couldn’t give much time to her education due to her schedule. At the age of 18, she got married to Jon. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for only 5 years and they got separated thereafter.

Similar to other stars Lana Rhoades likes to keep her private life away from media and the public. She got her first movie in 2016 which kick-started her career. She started her career journey around that time. She also started modeling for Playboy Cyber Girls. Though, Lana Rhoades’s real name is Amara Maple.


In a very less time, she got her name out in the world and gained popularity. It was after this modeling that she stepped into the adult industry while moving to LA. She had to leave the industry after 2 years as she was mistreated in the industry which led her to take this bold step and only rely on her social media handles which are a great success today.

There was also a phase in her life when she got into implants and plastic surgery. Although she had an amazing physique since the start she wanted a better version of herself for the industry so she took this path of getting implants. Lana Rhoades’s first YouTube video was titled “Back To School Try-On Haul || School girl edition.”

She never paid attention to the rumors that tried to pull her down. She is very confident about herself and the profession she chose. The lives of such actors aren’t easy but Lana Rhoades is doing good with it.


Lana Rhoades’s real name: Lana Rhoades got married at the age of 18. They both separated after five years which led her to the industry.  After the movie, she met a guy named Mike Malak. Mike Majlak is a full-time YouTuber and has a podcast ‘Impaulsive’. They both started to see each other after their first meet. The tuning between them was an absolute match.

Lana Rhoades Real name: What is it? Networth Life | Relationship | Awards | Interesting Facts
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Soon after she was seen on his vlogs which led to rumors of their relationship. However, they revealed their relationship publicly. They were one of the favorite couples of the public. They both could be seen together often in the vlogs.

They both broke up in October 2020. Mike Majlak also posted a video regarding the same. There were rumors all around that he cheated on Lana which turned out to be true. He explained the blame in his Podcast.


Lana Rhoades’s real name: Lana Rhoades has received a lot of fame and awards during her journey. The awards won by her include AVN-Award, Hottest Newcomer (Audience Award); XBIZ-Award, Best New Starlet; Spank Bank-Awards; Night Moves-Awards, Best New Starlet (Fan Choice), Best Star Showcase for Lana (Fan Choice) in 2017, and AVN-Award in 2018.

Lana Rhoades Real name: What is it? Networth Life | Relationship | Awards | Interesting Facts
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Interesting Facts

Lana Rhoades’s real name: She climbed the ladder of success in her career by getting the highest pay in her industry. Till today, she has filmed 176 movies. In the start, she worked as a waitress in The Tilted Kilt. It’s said that her parents aren’t aware of her profession which is more likely to be true. However, some sources say that her parents had a hard time accepting it and everything is fine between them now.

Lana is fond of dogs and has a hamster and a dog as pets. She has Reiley Reid as her best friend who was her co-star. Lana Rhoades is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. It’s heard from the sources that Lana is a smoker. Her height is 1.6 meters. It can also be heard that she is deciding to get back to the industry. It will be a great option for her due to her popularity. She has a following of 15.3M on Instagram and 974K subscribers on YouTube.


Q: What is Lana Rhoades’s real name?

A: Amara Maple

Q: When did Lana Rhoades marry?

A: She married at the age of 18. However, she is divorced now.

Q: Who is Lana Rhoades’s boyfriend?

A: She dated Mike Majlak recently. Unfortunately, they are no more together.

Q: What is the age of Lana Rhoades?

A: Lana Rhoades is 24 years old (as of May 21).


I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Lana Rhoades’s real name. Stay tuned to know more about your favorite famous personalities!!!

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