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Darker Than Black season 3

About Darker Than Black season 3

Darker Than Black season 3: Darker Than Black (also known as Kuro no Keiyakusha) is an anime Television series. The first season of Darker than Black was released on 6th April 2007 until 28th September 2007. The show consists of 25 episodes. The show revolves shortly showing the mystery of two gates, hell, and heaven. The genre of Darker Than Black is thriller, serial, science-fiction mystery, and action.

After the successful release of the first season, the creators introduced Darker Than Black Season 2 on 9th October 2009. In addition to this, there were 4 episodes released in 2010 to make the story sensible and continuous

The fans are waiting for the Darker than Black Season 3 premiere. To know about Darker than Black Season 3 read the article till the end.

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English Dub: Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black season 3: English dub version of Darker than Black is available. You can watch it on Hulu and Amazon Prime.


Darker Than Black season 3: The story is about two gates that appeared drastically in two different places. The gates were heaven gate and hell gate. Nobody had any clue about the gates and the purpose behind having them on earth. Having those gates emerged naturally questioned science about their emergence.

The gates drew the attention of the contractors who were humans with special powers. The superpowers had come with a downside which clearly states the law of nature. He was different as he still had his humanity despite the powers as he didn’t pay such a huge price. He is called ‘Black Reaper’ in the parallel universe. He works in collaboration with Syndicate.

He started looking after the Hell gate found in Japan and the threat it could cause to the people especially the contractors. All this led Tokyo to go through gloomy days. The consequences were a series of wars.

The second part of Darker than Black introduces a new character called Suou. Her brother became a contractor unlike him who didn’t change. She led a life of a normal human being. Unfortunately, destruction invaded her life as her home was taken away by a masked man. Somehow, she also started to have contractor traits. Eventually, she started living the life of a contractor which was not at all peaceful.

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Suddenly, the hell gate present in Tokyo collapsed. The show shows the team working after this mystery and the strange events that took place. The 4 episodes in 2010 bridge the gap between the two seasons. Those episodes are special and add a crucial part to the story making it more exciting and understandable.

Release Date

Darker Than Black season 3: The last season was released at the end of 2009 which is almost 12 years from now. The fans are still expected season 3 as the mysterious story took everyone’s heart. The last season of Darker than Black didn’t compromise on the story and almost covered every bit possible. The rest of the questions were however answered by OVA.

Considering all these facts there are very few chances of Daker than Black Season 3 to release. Many sources revealed that it might come by 2021 end. There’s no confirmation by the creators and there is no dare issued by them for the premiere. The creators also held a meeting to discuss the next season however, the audience hasn’t heard anything. As of now, there is no release date for the same. Hoping to have it soon on board!

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Darker Than Black season 3:

Hei – Hei also means black in Chinese. His real name isn’t revealed in the story but is always referred to as Hei. He keeps on changing his identity. Li Shengshun is another name of Hei. Hei is good by nature although he stays alone mostly. He eats a lot and is also known as ‘The Black Reaper’ in the underworld. He is skillful and can generate electricity from his body.

Huang- At the moment, he is shown working forcefully for the contractors. He being an ordinary human hates his contractors. Huang doesn’t possess any superpower or ability yet has great strategic skills. His relation with the contractors is because of the incident he faced in his past.

Misaki Kirihara – Misaki has an alluring personality and looks. However, she always carries a serious face without smiling. She is very dedicated to her work and is a section – chief of Foreign Affairs. She is always looking for opportunities to help people around her who are weak and seek justice. Misaki likes eating unhealthy junk food.


Darker Than Black season 3:  As there is no official announcement regarding the release of Season 3 there is no trailer available. However, you can watch the Darker than Black Season 1 trailer here, if you haven’t.




Darker Than Black season 3: The rating of Darker than Black is 7.7/10(IMDb). The show was liked by the sci-fi fans who love mystery.


Q: What is the release date of Darker Than Black season 3?

A: There has been no official announcement yet.

Q: Who are the main characters of Darker Than Black season 3?

A: Hei, Huang, Misaki

Q: Where to watch Darker Than Black season 3?

A: Darker Than Black can be watched on Hulu and Amazon Prime.


I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Darker Than Black season 3. Stay tuned to know more about your favorite shows!!!

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