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Explore the array of the 7 strongest One Piece characters. Know more about the strongest One Piece characters’ powers and abilities. CHECK OUT NOW!!

Strongest One Piece characters-Those who are fond of pirates and anime series might be very familiar with the name One Piece which is the most talked-about anime and manga series and its popularity are still unshakable and trending Piece characters’ popularity does not seem to vanquish.

With the changing era preferences for superheroes is on the rise as usual but the subtle shift in interest in people’s perception is that earlier superhero who belong to a different area were on the rise but now the anime superheroes have amassed the fan base all over the globe. And the most talked-about superheroes belong to the most acknowledged manga series titled One Piece.

Strongest One Piece characters

Strongest One Piece characters have played a major role in helping the series to reach a milestone. Strongest One Piece characters are not just one or two but the list of strongest One Piece characters seem to be full of numerous superheroes having the upper hand in some or the other.

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Moreover, the series has witnessed a plethora of One Piece characters. And as it is one of the longest run series and is full of myriad shades of strongest One Piece characters. Well if your mind tricks you with the question which keeps on popping amidst all the strongest One Piece characters who is the strongest of all?

Well in that case you have hit the right place, the following article will enlighten you more about the array of the strongest One Piece characters. Hold your breath and dive in the ocean of the strongest One Piece characters.   


Strongest One Piece characters

7 Strongest One Piece characters


  1. 1. Roronoa Zoro: Zoro is the second person amidst all to become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and might be the first mate of the crew. Roronoa Zoro is among the strongest One Piece characters and powerful as Luffy, his captain. Moreover, Zoro is the master of the three sword style who prefers fighting with a katana in each hand and one in his mouth.
  2. In addition to the strongest One Piece characters’ power, Zoro is capable of cutting through steel effortlessly and able to send his slashes flying in through the air. Moreover, he is known for throwing his opponents in a peculiar style. 
  3. Sanji: another strongest One Piece characters’ array holds the Monster Trio and the strongest fighter of the Straw Hat crew named Sanji who is helpful in the heat of the battlefield and the kitchen as well. Sanji possesses the title of Black Leg Style master of martial arts. Moreover, Sanjo uses acrobatics and devastating kicks to exterminate his enemies in his prominent way. Moreover, Sanji’s fighting readiness is elevated further by his capability of running through the air as he was running on a solid surface and rotates his legs so rapidly that they light on fire from the friction.
  4. Big Mom: introducing the other strongest One Piece characters, Big mom who holds possession in the four strongest pirates array in the world of One Piece. She is also addressed as Charlotte Linlin, who has the capability of reducing the entire world into rubble by just going into a hunger fit. Moreover, Big mom also has the caliber of manipulating souls at will which results in dramatically shortening the life of the person using her Soul Pocus Technique. Big mom is one the strongest One Piece characters from whom even the Straw Hat pirates feel less powerful and barely manages to save their life by running away. 
  5. Kaido: another strongest One Piece character who belongs to the Yonko clan and is the captain of the Beasts Pirates, the moniker of the strongest creature in the world named Kaido who is undoubtedly powerful. Initially, his powers were witnessed when he first appeared on the screen in which he threw himself off the island thousands of meters in the sky but to everyone’s surprise he did not suffer any injury and landed safe and sound on an island below. Moreover, he possesses the powers using which he can transform himself into a colossal dragon who can vanquish the town in one go.  Strongest One Piece characters
  6. Shanks: the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates and Luffy’s idol Shanks is one of the vigorous characters you will witness in the series. He is the first Yonko member who appeared on the screen. Moreover, the strongest One Piece characters array lead Shanks showcased his prowess when he single-handedly concluded the Battle of Marineford and is capable of awakening fear into any man or his opponents. Furthermore, the anticipated final battle for the mystic One Piece will take place between the two strongest One Piece characters Luffy and Shanks. It is quite evident that Shanks is gearing up and greasing his powers to be the final boss of the decades-old series. However, Shanks has not fought many battles but despite this fact his prowess is unquestioned.  
  7. Dragon: the not much unveiled strongest One Piece characters hold a character named Dragon who is Luffy’s ambiguous father and the leader and face of the Revolutionary Army. It is a group that suffered the most by directly overthrowing the World Government. After this Dragon dipped his fingers in a bucket of trouble and pits him against every nation on the planet. However, Dragon and Luffy’s mysterious father is capable of commanding the entire army holding some of the strongest characters of the series. Moreover, he can fight with any threat sent after him by the world Government.
  8. Monkey D. Luffy: introducing the strongest One Piece character and the future pirates king Monkey D. Luffy who is the main protagonist and an exceedingly prowess fighter since the beginning of the series and still the strongest One Piece character. Monkey D. Luffy has tremendous abilities which include the ability to extend his limbs at will. Moreover, Luffy can expedite his body by elevating his heart rate, expand his fists to gigantic size. In addition to it, he can also compress his body for attacks of high frequency. The drawback of Luffy’s power is that his body cannot stand the saltwater as his stamina drains due to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Who has the strongest willpower in one piece?

A1. The list includes:

  • SAKAZUKI/AKAINU. Fleet Admiral of the Marines.
  • BLACKBEARD. Also known as Marshall D.
  • BIG MOM.
  • SENGOKU Etc.


Q2. Who is the strongest person defeated by Luffy?

A2. The list goes on:

  • Big Mom. 
  • KaidoBlackbeard
  • Charlotte Katakuri.
  • Three Admirals.
  • Charlotte Cracker.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo.
  • Lucci, Etc.

Q3. Big Mom is afraid of?

 A3. Big mom is afraid of Shanks because he is too powerful and Big Mom is unable to resist her powers and abilities.


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