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Who is Dekus dad? Is he evil? When will he make an appearance on show? TRUTH REVEALED

About My Hero Academia

who is Deku’s dad: My Hero Academia is an anime series released on 3rd April 2016. The series is Japanese superhero and is written by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has a total of 24 volumes. The story begins by introducing Izuku Midoriya aka Deku. He’s quite unlucky as he was born quirkless. He is raised in the world of superheroes which fascinates him. He badly wanted to be one of those heroes and use his powers.

However, his dream came true when his all-time favorite superhero All Might. All Might had a similar story to that of Deku as he was quirkless too. All Might was impressed by Deku’s presence of mind and vitality that he chose him to be the next one to carry his powers. Izuku was happy that he will get a chance to serve as a superhero.

Who is Deku?

who is Deku’s dad: Izuku Midoriya is one of the characters of My Hero Academia. He is also referred to as Deku. The boy was born quirkless yet managed to et the powers from All Might after him. He successfully joined UA School for Heroes. Izuku was giving his best efforts to be a superhero. His mother is Inko whereas there is not much about his father. If you want to know who is Deku’s dad, read the article till the end.

Who is Deku’s dad?

who is Deku’s dad: Izuku’s dad is Hisashi Midoriya who has settled abroad because of his job. He hasn’t been there for Deku since his childhood. He didn’t even visit the doctor with him and Inko, his mother. Inko believes him to be his husband throughout and gives him the respect of Izuku’s father. She shows that they are together and there is no separation.

Hisashi’s name is taken from the phrase ‘hisashiburi,’ meaning a long time no see in Japanese.

Who is Dekus dad? Is he evil? When will he make an appearance on show? TRUTH REVEALED
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What is the father’s quirk?

who is Deku’s dad: His quirk is the ability to breathe in the fire. The quirk is definitely powerful. The quirk was revealed while the mother and son visited the doctor. There have been many concepts and theories based on his quirk analysis. Dabi and Endeavour could be a guess for being Deku’s father but none of them is the father. This guess goes because of the similarity in the quirks.

Looks at Deku’s Dad

who is Deku’s dad: The identity of Deku’s Father isn’t revealed in the show. Izuku has fine looks with green curly hair whereas Inko, his mother has straight green hair. It’s assumed that Hisashi, Deku’s father might have a hair color of a shade of green. There are chances for him to have similar features to Deku. Izuku’s hair as stated is curly giving it a shade of black along with teal green.

Is Deku’s Father alive?

who is Deku’s dad: It was assumed that the character of Hisashi would show up in the series but nothing like this happened. He’s only talked about and the background has been depicted in the story. The character is kept with an anonymous identity yet living. Deku’s father who left him is working in a foreign country leaving his family behind. He still supports them financially and takes care of his responsibility.

Who is Dekus dad? Is he evil? When will he make an appearance on show? TRUTH REVEALED
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Is Deku’s dad good?

who is Deks dad: Deku’s dad has been working abroad since his childhood. Making a living by staying away from the family will not be a great factor to judge his character and personality. Indeed, he wasn’t there with his son and wife in their life but confirming anything on this basis is surely vague. Though, he can also take the role of devil as the plot twists which we can only figure out through the series.

All For One had the same breathing of fire quirk and was into Inko. He looks like a parental figure yet didn’t want a child with Inko which is another confirmation that Hisashi Midoriya is Deku’s father. Inko’s quirk is quite weak. There has been great confusion regarding Izuku’s father. Several predictions and guesses have been made by the hints seen in My Hero Academia.

When will Deku’s Dad appear?

who is Deku’s dad: There is very little about Deku’s dad than expected. It’s so little known about him. The character hasn’t been seen in any part of the series not even for few seconds. He hasn’t been encountered even in the tough times. He was missed from the important events in Izuku’s life like his acquiring of Hero License or his times of illness when he was almost dead. However, there is still hope that the father figure will be revealed soon in some of the episodes.

The best part will be the interaction with his family after such a long time. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the father-son bonding and their connection. He is absent from Deku’s life as of now. It would be nice to see them reunite and the family complete.

Who is Dekus dad? Is he evil? When will he make an appearance on show? TRUTH REVEALED
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Where to watch My Hero Academia?

who is Deku’s dad: My Hero Academia is available on Hulu and Netflix.


Q: Who is Dekus dad?

A: Deku’s dad is Hisashi Midoriya.

Q: What is Deku’s full name?

A: Izuku Midoriya

Q: Which episode reveals Deku’s dad?

A: He has not made an appearance on screen. It’s only known about him.


I hope this was helpful. That’s all about who is Deku’s dad. Stay tuned to know more about your favorite anime characters!!!

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