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Who is Jessica Alba husband? 13 years of Marriage | Family | Exclusive News!

Who is Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba husband: Jessica Alba is an American actress as well as an entrepreneur. She is successful in her life both at the personal and career level. Jessica Alba’s husband is Cash Warren and they are married for around 13 years. Jessica Alba has three kids, 2 daughters, and a son.

To know more about Jessica Alba’s husband, her life, and her career, read the article till the end. You will get to know all the details about this power couple who has been on an incredible journey for 13 years.

How did the couple meet?

Jessica Alba husband: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren happen to first meet on the set of The Fantastic Four’ in the year 2005. Cash worked as the crew member back then and Jessica was playing the role of Susann Storm. They both started dating few days after they met and got engaged in the year 2008 and were ready to embrace their journey together.

Who is Jessica Alba husband? 13 years of Marriage | Family | Exclusive News!
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Married Life

Jessica Alba husband: The couple officially married in May 2008 in the courthouse of Beverly hills. They had a daughter names Honor just after one month of their marriage. The couple is very supportive and they have a great bond. Jessica and Cash are happily married. However, they tend to keep details about their personal life secret. Not much information is available about their married life.

Cash talked about their marriage day saying, “We hopped up, got dressed, and drove straight to the courthouse. Before that day, neither of us thought marriage was important…it felt outdated and we weren’t going to fall for an antiquated social construction. But something changed in us that morning.”

Cash said that the wedding wasn’t as one would expect. He said that the courthouse had plastic flowers with dust and there was nothing else there and no family member. The people present there were the couple and the courthouse witness. They held each other’s hands and walked out nervously.

He told about the next scene when he opened the door for his new bride and it started their new journey together. Cash said that they are still loving and growing together from that day. He talked about the best part which was their immense towards each other to bring out the best version of each other.

About Jessica Alba husband- Cash Warren

Jessica Alba’s husband: The popular actor Michael Warren is the father of Cash Warren. He is popular for his role in ‘Hill Street Blues, ‘Soul Food’, ‘The White Shadow’ and ‘city of Angel’. Michael was also a basketball player in his college time.

Cash Warren has also tried his luck in producing. Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, Being Terry Kennedy, and Keswanis: A Most Modern Family are his productions to date.

Cash Warren completed his graduation from Yale University in the year 2001. He had Political Science as his major in university.

Cash Warren shares a great relationship with his daughter who is into soccer. He mentors his daughter and her team members as a coach of their soccer team. The team is doing great under his guidance and also achieved the success of which he posted on his Instagram account stating his honor to coach the Haven’s team and appreciating the success.

Cash Warren also started his own company in 2012 wherein he introduced pair of Thieves. It’s a socks company that he started with two other companions. He often publishes about her company socks on his Instagram handle to promote the same. He also made a special post for National Socks Day.

The Family

Jessica Alba’s husband: Jessica and Cash have three children born in 2008,2011 and 2017 respectively. The younger kid is a boy whereas the others are girls. You can witness many pictures of the children on their social media handles. The pictures are so adorable!!

Jessica revealed in her ‘Getting Honest’ YouTube series, “It was the worst.” The moment she talked about was the situation when their eldest daughter saw them having sex in their bedroom. She said that it was so embarrassing for them and they just laughed continuously for five minutes taking it as a joke. They defined the scene as they ruined their daughter.

Before the stranger it gets, their daughter called up her aunt telling her what she saw. Then, Cash went to her and advised her to knock on the door before entering. Cash mentioned, from that day their daughter never forgets to knock at their room before entering.

Who is Jessica Alba husband? 13 years of Marriage | Family | Exclusive News!
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The couple said that they make a good team when it comes to parenting. Cash said, “I think that we both have pretty high standards and we expect a lot out of our kids and we’re both pretty disciplined in that approach to making sure that they are good kids that are gonna grow up to be good people.”


Q: Who is Jessica Alba’s husband?

A: Jessica Alba husband is Cash Warren.

Q: How long have Jessica been married?

A: 13 years.

Q: Do Jessica and his husband have children?

A: Yes, they have three children.


I hope this was helpful. That’s all about Jessica Alba’s husband. Stay tuned to know more about your favorite celebrities!!!

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