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Dan Bongino Parents: Life| Politics| Controversies| Find out why?? EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!

Dan Bongino Parents

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Here we are talking about the parents of Dan Bongino. Dan Bongino is an author, former U.S. Secret Service agent and, American conservative political commentator. For the electoral political office, Bongino has lost three bids – once in Florida in 2016 and twice in Maryland in 2012 and 2014. On Fox News opinion programming Dan Bongino is a regular commentator and has guest-hosted for radio shows of Sean Hannity and Mark Levine. You have learned about Dan Bongino, now let’s talk about their parents. Complete information about Dan’s parents is given in this article. Read our full article to know.

Dan Bongino Parents: Dan Bongino full name is Daniel John Bongino. He was born on December 4, 1974, who served as an American Conservative political commentator, author, and politician. Dan Bongino worked as New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer as a secret service agent. He was not only served the country but also inspired so many people as a radio show host star. Would you like to know more about his Personal life, Career, Net worth, and more? Check out this entire article!! Know more about Dan Bongino Parents below:

Dan Bongino Parents


Born: December 4, 1974

Birth Place: In Queens, New York City

Age: 46 years old

Height: 6’1”

Home Town: Queens, New York, United States

Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology, He earned Masters of Business Administration at Pennsylvania State University

Net Worth: $8 Million

Famous as: Secret Service Protective Agent

Facebook: dan. bongo

Twitter: @dbongino


Dan Bongino started his career with NYPD Officer (New York City Police Department) from 1995 to 1999. Dan Joined as a Special agent to serve at the New York field office in the year 2002. Later he left NYFO to teach at the Secret service Training Academy in Maryland. In 2006, George !. During Bush’s second term, he was allocated to the Division of Presidential Protection. He continued his all duties of defense force after Barack Obama became president. He left in 2011 year to ran for the US senate.

Dan Bongino Parents

Later, Dan Bongo turned his career into an author. He has published two books successfully.

The first book is “Life Inside the Bubble” Published in 2013. He shared his all experiences through this book. In that, he discussed his defending experience while protecting George W.Bush and Barack Obama. And also mentioned his themes of how he investigates federal crimes along with his US senate at Maryland in 2012. Bongino loses three times for elected office: Two times in Maryland (2012 and 2014), Once in Florida(2016).

Dan Bongino Second Book is “The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and Political Machine”.It was published in January 2016.

Dan Bongino Parents

Bongino is a Radio host and representative for local and national radio programs. He has hosted radio programs for Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as a guest host. He has frequently appeared in Fox News is a regular presenter on opinion programming and guest-hosts radio programs by Mark Levine and Sean Hannity. He worked as Paid co-operator to NRATV until 2018. Know more details about Dan Bongino Parents below:

Bongino Spygate’s Proponent, Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign conspiracy theory was hatched by the Barack Obama administration and that was published as a book with the name of Spygate: The attempted sabotage of Donald J.Trump.

Dan Bongino Parents

Bongino’s shared his posts mostly on Facebook.


  • He has YouTube, approximately 3,65,000 subscribers, and over 65 million views on his channel, indicating he has a concrete following.
  • Dan Bongino earns approximately $1,15,000 as a narrator.
  • As of now, Don Bongino’s net worth is more than $8 million, which he earned from many career paths explored and continues to explore in his own way.

Dan Bongino Parents:

Dan Bongino Parents first came from Long Island and moved to Queens in New York where Bongino was born.

Dan Bongino did not disclose his parent’s nationality, but he is American of Italian descent. In March 2019, Bongino tweeted a post that he makes clear as he was not black and Italian to clear criticism of his work.

According to our local sources, Dan Bongino’s parents are divorced and his mother remarries a boxer. The man who heavily weighed and physically abused Bongino and his brother. The Children’s services came to their home regularly, but they did not provide much help to Dan Bongino and his brother Joel. At the age of 15, Dan took his brother and left their mother’s house. Their biological father helped with household and school expenses at that time. However, he received financial help from his biological father to escape from his abusive home life.

Bongino’s stepfather was so terrified of the police because of abusing Dan. That incident was inspired Bongino to join the police department. His stepfather spoke to the Bongino in Naples Daily News about an encounter with a female police officer. Here the below lines are formed by Dan’s words :

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I will never forget that incident due to a small female cop stands in front of a tall Italian man who appears the as terrible man and that cop said to leave him. I still remember when am going, I have to be a cop because this job works a lot and changes people’s lives as well. That’s why I became a Cop by inspiring that cop lady who saved me and my brother.”


Dan and his wife Paula meet their friends on a blind date which is spotted at a Sullivan restaurant in New York. Bongino fell for the beauty of Paula and it was the first meet of Dan and Paula(Love at first sight also). After two weeks on their first date, the 9/11 attack takes place, Dan panics when Paula is unable to reach his office. At the time of the attack, Fortunately Paula was visiting her mother in Nevada. Later, Dan proposed to his wife and Bongino married Paula Andrea. She was born in Colombia. They have two children. In 2012, Bongino and his wife ran three businesses from their house. Their businesses are Selling material arts on apparel, Designing websites, and consulting on Security and Risk management. In the year 2016, Bongino endured talking about business interests. Later, He and his wife closed those businesses. In 2015, Bongino moved from Maryland to Palm City, Florida.

Dan Bongino Parents


  • Dan Bongino ran from his politics?
  • Bongino escaped from his police department?
  • Did Bongino stand as a senator?
  • Can he be fit as an author?

Here, Dan Bongino gave a stern answer with his intellect to those who have asked this kind of question.

Dan Bongino again clarified some contrary topics of his political life. Dan did not go to Florida because of his political reasons. Officially Dan Naples announced in Daily News that he had no intention of running for congress office until the opportunity arose. And he said Instead he moved to Florida with his wife to live closer to his mother.

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Dan Bongino did not elaborate on his parent’s nationality, but he was of Italian descent with American Nationality. In March 2019, Bongino tweeted a post criticizing his work that he was not black and not Italian. This is all in Dan Bongino Parents!!

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