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Dana Perino husband, Peter McMahon – All about their relationship | How they got married? SHOCKING AGE GAP!!!

Dana Perino husband

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Here we are talking about Dana Perino’s husband. All the information about the husband of Dana Perino is in this article. The husband of Dana Pernio is Peter McMahon. Where did they meet with each other? What is the age gap between Dana Perino and her husband? What is the profession of her husband Peter McMahon? To know all the answers to these questions read below our article and know everything about the husband of Dana Pernio.

Dana Perino’s husband: Have you guys ever heard of a woman getting married to a man with a very huge age gap? You have definitely heard this, right? These days it now becomes a new trend where it doesn’t matter if the male partner is older or the female partner and so is the age gap.

One of the examples which I can give you is Dana Perino and Dana Perino’s husband, Peter McMahon. Dana Perino’s husband is 18 years older than her, it might be a cool thing for some people but it also might be an awkward concept for others. What do you think?

Who is Dana Perino –

Dana Perino is the author and political commentator of America born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming worked as the secretary of White House Press (24th secretary) from September 14, 2007, to Jan 20, 2009, under the presidency of President George W. Bush. She worked as a second female White House Press Secretary as the first female secretary was Dee Dee Myers who toiled during the Clinton administration.

Dana was basically appointed by “Barack Obama”, preceded by “Ted Kaufman”, and succeeded by “Matt Armstrong”. She presently is an executive of book publishing at the “Random House”. Also, she is currently working as a Co-host of “The 5”, a network’s Talk Show, and the political commentator for “Fox News”.

Dana Perino husband

She started hosting a show named the “Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino for the same news channel “Fox News” on October 2, 2017. Later in the early months of 2021, she left the show. She had a good relationship with former President George W. Bush because of her conservative ideals and she chose conservatism as all other things seemed easy to her and according to her, easy means disappointing.

She never leans on one side for anyone being a political commentator like others there and she said thanks in an interview with “Salon”. Also, being conservative is a reason why people like her so much. Not only this, but people also called her the “voice of the reason” and that is what is really crucial for her.

She feels that being a journalist, you have a plus point but also have a negative point. The plus point is that you get a platform to express your true feelings your opinion but the negative about being a journalist is that it is a risky thing.

Dana Perino husband –

Peter K. McMahon, an English Businessman, is quite famous to be Dana Perino’s husband He is an old stager Businessman who has worked with quite several international companies. Basically, he is the CEO of the retailing company (store company) known as ‘Shopko’. Shopko is situated in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, USA.

Dana Perino husband

Dana Perino’s husband is an adept or a pundit in merchandising, labor alliance, supply chain management, etc. He was born on June 6, 1944, in Lancashire, England. He received his degree of Bachelor for business administration and management, then shortly afterward, he started working with the supermarket company named as “Sainsbury” ( second-best supermarket company in the U.K.)in the UK as a director of distribution and supply chain from the year 1992 to 2000 at various countries like England, Ireland, and  Scotland, etc.

He got huge popularity as well as fame after getting married to Dana Perino as she was the host of a talk show. But how did this all happen? Like as we know, that Dana Perino’s husband is 18 years older than Dana Perino and such a difference in their ages is not so common indeed.

Their story behind the relationship is quite interesting, and romantic how they met, where did they meet? how did they start dating?

Dana Perino husband

Relationship of Dana Perino husband with Dana Perino :

They first met each other in the year 1997. They both were at the airport and the last ones to board a flight to Chicago from Denver. They sat next to each other on the plane and kept on talking for the entire journey. Then, Dana Perino was somewhat attracted to Peter McMahon but was confused about her feelings towards him.

She was not much sure about the relationship between her and Peter that whether it would work or not. as he was quite older than her. But after the conversation which lasted for almost two and a half hours, they finally exchanged their phone numbers which are very important for the beginning of any relationship (lol!)

Shortly afterward, they planned a date (their first date), a movie date at New Orleans. Soon after their willy-willy romantic date, the day comes in their lives. It was the day when Peter McMahon proposed Dana Perino finally, right in front of the Washington cathedral but Peter did not get his answer right away. Dana Perino wanted to wait till the first anniversary of their first meeting.


And on the day of their anniversary, Dana Perino gave a letter to Peter in which she expressed her feelings towards Peter and told him that how much she loves him, how much she enjoys spending time with him especially when they were in the UK and she also replied to him that she would marry him and he told all about this in an interview with the Yahoo Lifestyle.

Dana Perino husband

Peter was married twice before getting married to Dana Perino but both of them didn’t work. They got married in the year 1998, which was the third marriage of Peter McMahon. And Dana Perino said that their relationship is quite harmonious and peaceful as they always support each other’s point of view and respect the careers of each other in an interview with Yahoo lifestyle. This is all in Dana Perino’s husband!!

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