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Chance The Rapper Wife Dark Truth: TROLLING TWEET!! Love| Chance and Kristen Split Up Relationship| Twitter Controversies and more!!

Chance The Rapper Wife Truth

Chance The Rapper Wife: Chance is a Rapper who was popular after releasing his debut mixtape on 10 Day. Next, he deals with the mixtape, Acid Rap, He received more praise and recognition after his second rap. With its 2016 mixtape, Acid Rap, Opportunities have increased as a global act.

To win the Grammy Awards, the mixtape was given the opportunity for the first streaming awards. Three Grammys are owned by the mixtape- Best Rap Performance, Best New Artist, and Rap album of the year. Chance’s The Big Day was released on 26th July 2019. Know more about Chance The Rapper Wife below:

Chance The Rapper Wife

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Chance and Kristen Love Story

Corley was born on May 31, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois. Kristen Corley’s mother Janice and sister Kristal. She grew up with her mom and sister. Chance The Rapper Wife Truth that she is an outdoor games player and a model. Kirsten first caught Chance’s attention at one of her mother’s office parties. He was not interested in the party, but the announcement that Destiny Child was going to perform caught his attention.

Three girls in place of Destiny Child featured independent women. One of the girls, Kirsten, was relieved to find that there were other children at the party before enchanting him with her performance. He tweeted a post:

“Now I’ve locked my eyes full of her beauties. I don’t really want to say that the locked eyes are really the cause, I just keep looking at her.”

Chance proved that he was an accomplished dancer, but he turned down his father’s request to show off his skills. Instead of that, he was into the crowd and did not introduce himself to Kirsten Corley. After Sixteen years, He dances with his wife Kirsten. He wrote that “It’s been 16 years,”. “This wedding time, my destiny has reached my wife. Now I’m going to dance with my wife as it’s my dream and destiny”

Chance The Rapper Wife

Chance proposed to Kristen when they were in a holiday gathering with their families and friends. The couple’s friends and family members excitedly shout when Chance asked Corley as “Will you become my wife by changing me into a man?”

Here is the Chance The Rapper Wife Truth

Chance announced his love result via Twitter that ‘She said Yes’. The couple was married legally on 27th December 2018 in a civil ceremony at the Cook Country Clerk office. Dave Chappelle and Kanye West celebrities attend their wedding celebration. Chance showed his love and value on Kristen’s like a Birthday message through his tweet:

2018 Chance Tweet,

You are my oldest friend from beginning to end… You are responsible for every wonderful thing in my life. I will always be thankful that God made me see you, and thank you more for you too finding me. Forever and always babe. Happy Birthday. ”

Chance The Rapper Wife

Chance The Rapper Wife Truth celebrates union ceremony in a Resort which was located at Pelican Hill on 9th March 2019. Corey converted as Christian

Kirsten and Chance Split Up After The Birth Of Their First Child, Kensli

In September 2015, The couple welcomed their first children: Kensli. After a year, Kirsten seeking child support orders in court for that she was attending to court in 2016. Kirstin in this case began a long-running work effort of child support agreement with Chance. The Chicago Sun-Times brought light documents from Kirsten’s lawyers who allegedly kept frustrating attempts to come up with an argument.

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“In an Instagram post Chance said: Why all better do why all jobs and how good my family is to stop my worries. He added in his post that, “Chicago Sun-Times, get the fuck back”. After a month, Chicago Sun-Times reported that the couple had reached an agreement in the of supporting child.”

Chance’s attorney – Tanya Stanish said I’m gonna give major credit to both of the couples to reach their deal regarding child support. They have worked together and make it fair for their daughter and them. Chance and Kristen stopped living together and agreed to share their responsibilities as a parent.

Chance The Rapper Wife

Chance The Rapper Wife Truth The couple were reconnected and solved their differences. They married happily but Corley says a shocking comment about their relationship that they were not perfect in their relation. She mentioned a caption with a family photo of themselves in a post that,

“Marriage is a difficult responsibility. To say, It would be irresponsible or give why all impressions that it may represent a walk in the park. When you see us, You may not see the perfect family of us. I hope as you can see two imperfect people trying to be the best at cultivating a way of Love and Grace. It forces you to deal with many parts of you that you do not know there”

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Before the couple’s second child, Marli, Kirsten spoke out for postpartum body acceptance

Another Chance The Rapper Wife Truth here about her second childbirth,

In September 2019, Kirsten and Chance gave birth to their second daughter: Marli. Corley announced the birth through an adorable photo of her wearing a toddler. Like Kensli, The couple waited a while before showing her second daughter Marli’s face on social media. In April of the same year, Kirsten declares that she is not pushing herself to lose pregnancy weight. She shared photos of her 18-week-old baby bump and added the next caption:

“There is talk of facing body insults especially during pregnancy and postpartum. Why do we talk about how thin we look when we are pregnant. And how fast can we snap back after giving birth ?! I am decided to being a patient with my body during this time – even if I do not show it up – Let’s not put pressure on ourselves to back down as the post-partum is not difficult enough.”

Chance The Rapper Wife

Popular Tweets

It’s crazy to share. I’m getting this feeling that people want me to kill myself 😢

__ @chancetherapper

Chance The Rapper Wife

Those are not my vibrations at all, but I feel the push.

__ @chancetherapper

And I think more than that, some people want to shame me.

__ @chancetherapper

Shame is a huge yo. Shame on you for something you were once proud of is super heavy.

__ @chancetherapper

Chance The Rapper Wife


What’s really weird is that music is number one, affecting how I feel daily

__ @chancetherapper

That I LOVE my wife

__ @chancetherapper

Chance The Rapper Wife

Along with his Twitter diatribe’s, Chance The Rapper Wife posted his wedding video on Instagram-“SPAM THE COMMENTS BELOW.-Say ‘I love my wife’. “Comments are full of people quoting the parody song” I love my wife, “which may be a sign that Chance deserves a huge check for that person – here is everything about Chance The Rapper Wife Truth but it’s not Chance’s to handle advocates for divorce. Anointed. You encouraged this behavior. You can get the same for a living.

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