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Spirit Riding Free Season 9: Spirit Riding Free season 9 is on the way on Netflix. All seasons of this series successfully tuned in Netflix. Spirit Riding Free is an animated series. It was based on Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron produced by Dream works Animation Television. Aury Wallington is the developer for this show. This series was nominated for an Oscar as intense animation. The film is titles Spirit: Stallion of the cimarron. It generated 122.5 million businesses at the Box office. The show was successful in attracting the attention of a young audience and it was really successful as their exception. Check out the release date of Spirit Riding Free Season 9 below:

Spirit Riding Free show consists of 8 seasons with a list of 52 Episodes. Spirit Riding Free’s eighth season was released in April. Because of the release speed of the show, the audience is expected to watch Spirit Riding Free Season 9 in 2020. However, that did not happen due to many reasons. What happens to Spirit Riding Free Season 9? When is Spirit Riding Free Season 9 going to be released? Read on to Find out the better results as you expect.

Spirit Riding Free Season 9


Entire this show run around a little girl (Lucky), twelve years old girl who makes new friends and enjoys adventures in the new country town of Miradero from a city. All of the adventures and new moments are enjoyed by lucky with her friends. They formed as a group and enjoying their new life. Although Lucky seems to have enough time at school, her life turns upside down when she came across a friend( Spirit).

Spirit is Kiger Mustang. The locals catch this wild horse and brought it to town to be broken up. But the Spirit refused to be broken by the natives. So, Lucky and spirit form a long life bond that is formed unlikely who would eventually free him. In this series, Lucky had two other friends were named Pru and Abigail. They both have horses. Pru’s horse name is Chica Linda and Abigail’s horse name is Boomerang. The trio, with their horses, makes a group and embarks on their journey full of adventures. Spirit Riding Free show is a premier series in 2017, This show has been a huge success with Netflix audiences. Season 2 shows these girls facing new stunts and many obstacles.


Brief information to know about the story of Spirit Riding Free seasons. How the story narrates? What are the key factors included in all of the seasons? Here everything that you’re searching for,

Season-1 : ( Total 6 Episodes, Released on May 5, 2017)

In this season, Lucky is a 12 years old girl who recently moved to a new city and makes new friends (Spirit, Pru, and Abigail ). Enjoying her life with a friend group p. The unexpected adventures of Lucky, and how they managed are all about this show.

Season-2 : (Total 7 Episode, Released on September 8, 2017)

Lucky and her friends hunt a pie thief in this season. They deal with a cunning relative (Cousin), the quest to complete the effigy at an epic Halloween event, then playing Santa Claus for the people of the town of Miradero, Facing a deadly blizzard to retrieve a vital medicine fortune, and a banned horse.

Season-3 : (Total 7 Episodes, Released on November 17, 2017)

This season cannon city has teamed up with Spirit for auction, Introduces a new friend, that seems Lucky trying his part to get in trouble with Miss Flores, sees Miradero threaten with an earthquake e. Lucky and spy life or death with a lion ends in a showdown.

Season-4 : (Total 6 Episodes, November 17 on March 16, 2018)

The season started with the spirit recovering from the mountain lion attack. Later lucky to get herself a job. She gets a visit invitation from her grandfather and she wins the lead role at the school play, but she couldn’t handle it with Aunt Cora at home. So that, She planned to keep her Aunt Cora at home in mirador. Succeed with her plan. At the end of this show, her mother (Circus) arrives in the town, and when her father is engaged to his teacher, Lucky flees to join the circus.

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Season-5 : (Total 7 Episodes, Released on May 11, 2018)

They thwart a legendary illegal scheme, perform a secret show for children in a town that does not want a circus around, and return to Miradero to find that Maris Maricela is catching everyone’s attention with her new bicycle.PAL’s join Mr.Granger’s Mustang Drive and then try to get better at snipping with the Halloween Prank.

Season-6 : (Total 6 Episodes, Released on August 17, 2018)

A drought threatens the flock of spirit and the people of the town of Miradero, the PAL’s examine Grayson’s water source and restore river flow.

Season-7 : (Total 7 Episodes, Released on November 19, 2018)

Kate waits at the altar, Spirit, and PAL takes action to stop the fast train with the support of a surprising friend (Ally). Lucky’s scheming cousin, Julian, Follows his old tricks when he goes to the city to find his future and comes back with a hot air balloon.

Season-8 : (Total 6 Episodes, Released on April 5, 2019)

Lucky becomes a big sister Pru and Chica Linda take part in a new Pru and Chica Linda, then Abigail is friends a wild wolf puppy, When the opportunity arises to go boarding school, the girls have to decide whether it is worth leaving Miradero.

Season-9 : (Coming soon)

The New Season that people have been waiting for is coming very soon. Hopefully, this animated series will perform in a very new way. Surely it comes with a very good narrative intent.No Program experts expect the audience to wait too long.

Spirit Riding Free Season 9

WHEN WOULD Spirit Riding Free Season 9RELEASE?

The exact release date of this show is not yet known. This delay could be due to the epidemic that delayed everything. Now, hoping everything goes well, we can watch Spirit Riding Free Season 9 in 2021 as the audience expects. At the moment, this show’s first eight seasons of this animated series are now available on Netflix for you to Watch and Enjoy!!

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We will be trying to make it available to you as soon as we know about the season. Leave a comment below if you want to know more details about Spirit Riding Free Season 9 in 2021. We will give a proper exact explanation as you need !!

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