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Who is Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend Revealed!! Is he one of her Ex she dating? Her All Boyfriends Till Now!

Who is Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is an actress who has been in many movies, but she is best known for her role as Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson films.
She was born on February 23rd, 1986, and grew up in Houston, Texas. Her father worked at NASA and her mother was a nurse. She began acting when she was just two years old appearing in commercials!
Alexandra first came to fame when she played Annabeth Chase in the film Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. After that Alexandra starred alongside Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling in the teen drama 17 Again which grossed more than $80 million worldwide! And most recently Alexandra can be seen playing Heather Chandler opposite Logan Lerman’s Charlie

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Alexandra Daddario Dates

Anyone who’s been following the career of actress Alexandra Daddario will know that she has had many significant relationships. The Texas-born beauty began her acting in 2007 with a role on Without A Trace. Since then she has gone on starring roles in series such as True Detective and Criminal Minds to name just two. Her romance history is presented below for your viewing pleasure! It includes all of the most important men from each stage of her life


List of Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend –

  • List of Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend everyone is talking about
  • Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend #1 Jason Fuchs in 2009
  • Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend #2 Logan Lerman in August 2015
  • Alexandra Daddario boyfriend #3 Zac Efron in August 2017
  • Alexandra Daddario boyfriend #4 Brendan Wallace is present boyfriend

Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend 2021

Know every single detail about Alexandra Daddario if you want to know to go to the list that how many people they have dated, then you are in the right place. Here I am going to tell you a list of men whose she dated:

Alexandra Daddario has been in a relationship with Jason Fuchs from 2006  to 2009 and the second date with Zac Efron in 2017 is rumored or not literately no one knows and after recovering from all this Alexandra Daddario has been engaged to Logan Lerman in 2016 – 2015. Know more is given below.

Alexandra Daddario in Cinema

Alexandra Daddario is a beautiful  American actress. She is famous for her beauty and talent. She is a New Yorker. She started her acting career at the age of 16. Her first appearance was in a TV debut.

She then started acting and her famous roles include Annabeth in a film series by Percy Jackson, Blake Gaines in San Andreas and she has also acted in the American Horror Story. But fans around the globe curious to know about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend. She is famous for her role as Blake Gaines in San Andreas. She has been in the film industry for about two decades.

The 34 years old actress through her charm and successful roles has gained many fans around the globe. She has pretty blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She had rumored to be dating a co-star and she also had dated few men.

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She usually shares memories about her childhood but when it comes to her relationships she never opens up to the media. But is she still dating anyone now?  Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend list is not much big. Let us see about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend, her relationships, and much more.

First love:

Alexandra Daddario’s first boyfriend was Jason Fuchs. They were in a relationship from 2006  and ended their relationship in 2009. Jason is an American writer. He wrote Ice Age continental drift, wonder women, etc.

Logan Lerman :

 Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend
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Logan and Alexandra Daddario first met when they were acting for the lightning thief by Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Logan fell for Alexandra at the very first sight. But he was shy to confess his love to her. However, Alexandra took the first step she asked him if he would practice his lines with her. They developed chemistry by practicing together and thus the film paved a way to grow their relationship. They were frequently spotted together which triggered dating rumors and they made the relationship official. They were the most adorable couple and loved by fans of both. Their relationship lasted for a period of five years till rumors about their breakup begun to spread in 2015. Some Social media claimed that the couple ended their relationship but nothing was confirmed. Some sources also said that the couple was engaged but nothing was proved. Though they made public appearances they maintained to keep their relationship low-key.

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario

Zac Efron and Alexandra  Rumour or Truth?

Alexandra Daddario starred in the movie Baywatch, she became friends with Baywatch costar Zac Efron. They started to meet in public during 2017 initiating the rumors. Fans went curious about Zac and his love interest in the movie  Alexandra Daddario. But she said that they are very good friends and nothing more in an interview. Their dating rumor grew when they went shopping together in a pet store in Los Angeles. In addition to this Zac took his Instagram to wish Alexandra  Daddario on her 32nd birthday. All these rumors came to an end when Zac Efron made his relationship with Baywatch costar Halston Sage official.

Ari Melber :

Two years after Daddario ended her relationship with Logan. She started her relationship with Ari Melber. Ari is a television host and also an attorney. He divorced his wife Drew grant in 2017.  The couple had been spotted together and made highlights they enjoyed lunch at a Cuban restaurant during 2018. While leaving the restaurant the blue-eyed beauty and the host shared a romantic kiss in the car. Then it became evident that they had been dating for a while in secret. They also visited Richard Lewis’s 24 years sobriety celebration. They somehow broke up and didn’t make it public.

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Brendan Wallace :

 Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend
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Yeah, Alexandra Daddario dated Hermione Granger’s ex I mean Emma Watson’s ex-boyfriend. Their romantic love story began in 2019. Brendan Wallace was in a relationship with Emma Watson before he hooked up with Alexandra. They made an appearance together in LA adding something to the already existing dating rumor.

They never spoke of their relationship but their vacation to Italy made everything clear confirming the rumors about their relationship. In Italy, they tasted a romantic dinner at Pierluigi’s restaurant. They also took strolls around the streets of Italy. Their vacation was pretty much romantic and caught the eyes of the media and fans. They made highlights together. In August  2019 as Daddario sparkled a ring on her finger it was believed that they were engaged. The very beautiful Baywatch star flashed the ring on her finger while going on a scooter date in Venice Beach, California. But they have not been spotted together again after the vacation. Things didn’t turn out though, and the two ways split. And the question raised, who is  Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend? Know about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend below:

Alexandra Daddario and Brendan Wallace walking through the streets of Italy.

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Video about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend :

Alexandra Daddario is not dating anyone in 2020. When the 34 years actress announced that she is going to post a video about her boyfriend, fans were pretty excited to know who the hella lucky guy is? She made a YouTube video about her boyfriend when fans rushed to watch the video out of curiosity it was revealed that Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend is a plant!

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What are her expectations?alexandra daddario boyfriend

Alexandra Daddario has had several relationships of many years. Her relationship with Logan lasted for five years. She said that the relationships really made her realize what she needs in a relationship and wants from a partner. In an interview, she stated that she was happy in her romantic life as well as in her career. She also added that “people told me that my thirties would be the best time of my life and I think, it is kind of true “. She also shared her experience of her twenties stating that “you know you go through your twenties and you work really hard, and you sort of getting to a place in your early thirties where you know yourself better. You know what you want you to want romantically. You’ve made mistakes. You’ve learned what you don’t want and what you want.”

From her statements, in this interview, it is pretty obvious that Alexandra Daddario is sure about what she wants. She is single presently and having some good time. But, she never fails to amuse her fans with her Instagram posts and videos.

Are you a fan of Alexandra?  What is your favorite Daddario movie? Which of her past relationship do you think was the best? Who will be Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend in the future? Do you think  Alexandra is better off without anyone? Stay tuned for more details about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend.

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