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Blood and Treasure Season 2: Let’s Carry The Torch Of Indiana Jones!

Blood and Treasure Season 2

Blood and Treasure Season 2:

Matthew Federman’s Amerian action-adventure drama TV series Blood & Treasure premiered on CBS on May 21st, 2019. Written by Matthew Federman along with Stephen Scaia, the show is produced by Taylor Elmore, Ben Silverman, Marc Webb, and Mark Vlasic. Blood & Treasure celebrates the blend of a brilliant antiquities expert: Danny McNamara and a sly con-woman: Lexi Vaziri, on a mission to catch a malicious terrorist out to create menace, extracting funding from stolen treasure. As they hassle after their goal, hopping corners of the globe, they suddenly find themselves amidst a 2000-year old battle for the cradle of civilization.


Here i am telling you about Blood and Treasure season 2  it was a action movie who recieved so many success that why maker’s create second season with the based of fans demand you can see it at once you will loved this show It’s been also two years fans have seen the last episodes of 12 it is a full of adventure and action based movie.

Blood and Treasure season one is recieved huge success which ran from May to August 2019. The show team up with expert to create and an art thief to chatch a terrorist who is going to used stolen teaser to found his attack.

CBS announced their new TV series Blood & Treasure on 30th November 2017. On March 26th, 2019, the show was announced to be set to premiere on May 21st, 2019. The filming of the show included places like Montreal, Canada, Rome, Turin, Venice, Italy, and Morocco. Season 1 of the show consisted of 12 episodes.

Blood and Treasure Season 2

Casting For The Summer Show:

1. Matt Barr: as Danny McNamara, a former FBI agent, presently a specialist in the repatriation of stolen art.
2. Sofia Pernas: as Lexi Vaziri, a thief and con woman, partner of Danny despite their complex romantic history, her mother is a descendant of Cleopatra.
3. James Callis: as Simon Hardwick, an international smuggler who had been kidnapped by Farouk, and now seeks to unveil secrets of the gang Brotherhood. He is also Reece’s illegitimate son.
4. Katia Winter: as Gwen Karlsson, an Interpol agent in charge of the Farouk case.
5. Michael James Shaw: as Aiden Shaw, an arms dealer with the partnership to Farouk.
6. Oded Fehr: as Kari Farouk, an Egyptian terrorist header who faked his death in a drone attack, but actually survived. His present mission is to steal ancient artifacts so that he can weaponize them.
7. Alicia Coppola: as Dr. Anna Castillo, who acts as Danny’s mentor, and it’s known to be the world’s most incredible expect in Cleopatra.
8. Mark Gagliardi: as Father Chuck, a priest at the Vatican foreign ministry.

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Critical Response:

Blood & Treasure is rated 53% at Rotten Tomatoes and 52 out of 100 at Metacritic. Additionally, it is rated 6.7/10 on IMDb.

  1. “CBS’ new summertime action-adventure romp will remind you of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and a lot of books, movies, and shows that do similar things better. CBS’ new summer action-adventure Blood & Treasure is like a comedian putting together a celebrity impression reel in hopes of making it on Saturday Night Live.”- The Hollywood Reporter.
  2. “This isn’t the kind of show that’s trying to reinvent the wheel so much as go for a joyride that can be thrilling even if the destination is clear all along. Throw in some splashy mythology, handsomely shot setpieces on location in Rome and Morocco, and entertaining performances from Fehr, Paras, and a bumbling Michael James Shaw, and you’ve got yourself a solid distraction to turn to in the general desert that is TV’s summer programming.”- The Variety. 
  3. “The show is a total romp that belongs right where it is as a serialized, CBS, summer adventure series. There’s no doubt, based on the two-part pilot episode, the series is going to serve well its purpose of bringing Indiana Jones-style adventure to the small screen (to be fair, The Mummy was basically a 1920s set Raiders of The Lost Ark as it is). As long as it continues to keep up the pace as that totally fun adventure it promises to be early on, there’s no reason to believe it won’t remain as enjoyable as it currently is.”- Forbes.
  4. “In an era celebrated for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Pose,” “Killing Eve” and other edgy series, “Blood & Treasure” is a harmless, unabashed throwback and completely forgettable. Barr is as bland as any other young actor starring in a TV series while wannabe Bond girl Pernas agreeably checks the networks’ present criteria for “exotic.”-New York Post.
  5.  “This is a show that so badly wants to run on the fumes of your good memories of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” it even makes a meta-joke about it in its two-hour premiere. (CBS did not make any additional episodes available for review. Thank you, CBS.)Now I want to find something nice to say about “Blood & Treasure,” and it’s this: It upends the typical Hollywood formula for mismatched couples.”- Boston Herald.

Blood and Treasure Season 2

Blood and Treasure Season 2 Release:

CBS renewed Blood and Treasure Season 2 on 26th June 2019. Perhaps for this situation of COVID-19, we have not been able to watch Blood and Treasure Season 2 by now. The filming includes shooting at several locations from which rose as some of the hotspots of the virus and faced a complete lockdown, for example, Italy. But the good news is as the problem is getting under control, the production resumes in October 2019. Although there is no official date revealed by the distributors, we can still make assumptions while we wait patiently for Blood and Treasure Season 2. Fans need to wait only a few months, and CBS will reward them with the Blood and Treasure Season 2 in 2021, hopefully. (fingers crossed!)

The storyline of Blood and Treasure Season 1 was intriguing and ended with a major cliffhanger. That’s where we might let our imagination float and go out of bounds about the story of the upcoming Blood and Treasure Season 2. We had witnessed in the second last episode, that the Queen returned, i.e in “Legacy of the Father”, which is the phenomena that the second season will have to focus on. And Danny is going to be the solver of all mysteries yet again, partnered by the rogues of Lexi. The more I imagine how the plot could be explored, the more impatient I become. Do you have any theories about the plot of Blood and Treasure Season 2? Well, the official trailer of Blood and Treasure Season 2 will ease some of it. Till then, let us all preach the teachings of Indiana Jones!

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