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Dororo Season 2: CANCELLED OR NOT?| Release Date | Plot | Storyline

DORORO after 50 years has a chance of coming back. Dororo is a character from the 1960s, pretty much the oldest anime. Fans of the show have planned to revisit the characters. The new version of the show premiered in 2019 and was loved by the audience. The new season of the show is what audiences are expecting. The audience is excited to know more about the characters. The maker of the show will launch another season of DORORO or not let’s talk about that. The Dororo Season 2 will come or not.Dororo Season 2

Release date: Dororo Season 2

Dororo is the most popular show for our children is going to be one of the most popular upcoming releases. Many people already know that the classic anime adaptation of Dororo is already had So that on the top of the list there is also a PS2 game based same to the same story. Here in this post, I am going to talk about the second season You should know that it is very amazing for all the children who give us better childhood. Read this article to know more about Dororo Season 2 is very amazing and also it very real whose takes place after a long time First tell us about Dororo Season 2 you need to know what is happened at the end of season 1. Check out and see it.

Dororo Season 2 will be a mystery until the MAPPA break their silence on that. MAPPA on the other hand didn’t share anything. They have not shared anything about the release date or have not guaranteed the remake of the show. So the chances are less of Dororo Season 2. The first season of the show had a satisfying ending to the plot. If Dororo Season 2 comes, makers have to build another storyline regarding that. Besides, there is not a single franchise that went for a renewal after the end of the MANGA.

The ending of DORORO was satisfying and did justice to the storyline. However, in the last episode of the 2019 anime adaptation, they gave a hint of the future of Hyakkimaru. Biwamaru has stated in the previous episode about the journey of the lead character. Though the ending did justice to the storyline it is probably expected that the new season of Dororo could be about the journey of Hayakimaru’s new journey. He might get all his body in his new journey and so on so we will see the renewal of the show for Dororo Season 2.

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 As there is nothing announced or informed by the production, the sequel deserves a fair chance. Until the officials break their silence in the renewal of the show, even after this golden opportunity fans have to wait patiently. It might take one year in the making of the show, but fans on that note can expect the Dororo Season 2 in 2021 or 2022.


Dororo started back in 1960. The anime is a manga adaptation. Dororo debuted in 1996, with 28 episodes in a season. Later, Dororo was aired on April 6, 1969. Osamu Tezuka has written and illustrated the anime. However, the show gets canceled in a year. To bring nostalgia to boomers or to give a thrill to millennials, anime has been transformed in many forms. Even after the  60 years of Dororo, the show is equally liked by the people and had a massive impact on them. 

A video game named “Blood will tell”, was returned as part of the Dororo series. However, the game was not liked by many people as a result it could not meet expectations in terms of business. In 2007 a movie was also released with some notable changes. 

Year after the MAPPA brings its new generation version in 2019 almost after 60 years. The new-generation version of Dororo was telecast in January 2019 and was continued till June 2019. It was 28 episodes long and was telecasted on the Dororo Blu-ray box set.  Fans however have liked the new version of the show and are eagerly waiting for Dororo Season 2. 

Plot: Dororo Season 2

The Ending of the anime show did justice to the storyline. If the makers do want to make another season of Dororo then they have to come up with a different storyline. Most probably the story can be about Hayyakimaru’s revenge and finding all his remaining body parts. 

To guess a bit further it can be said that he would be on the path of humanity.

Although the fans on the other hand are waiting eagerly but with few assumptions about the show. According to the fans, there would be a shift to the titular character of Dororo. And as his sexuality is revealed, it will be fun to watch Dororo’s women’s side. Besides, all these imaginations are fan fiction and there is no confirmation about it.

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As of now, no one knows what is the cast of Dororo Season 2 because the cast of its second season has not been revealed. The anime’s plot has got the fan anticipating more. All genres were needed in anime to keep engaged our senses. We are all looking forward to more of  Hakimaru and Dororo.

Respectively, Suzuki Ryo and Suzuki Hiroki play Dororo and Hyakkimaru. And perhaps they will continue to do this as well in the next season. The second season of Dororo may be better than its first season. As we get any news about the cast of Dororo Season 2  we will update this section. Wait till then.

Ending explain: Dororo

The anime took place in an earlier time, the land of that place was untouched by rain for a long time and if the land doesn’t receive the rain, there would be no hope left for the people there. Daigo Kagemitsu was a lord who planned to do anything to save his life. He made a deal with the demons, for the return of his life. His wish to save his land came with a price for his newborn child’s body parts. In return, the demon has eaten his child’s 48 organs. His child has no eyes, no ears, no eyes, no nose, no skin, no hands, no arms, no limbs, nothing at all but still alive and breathing. This unusual phenomenon has given Daigo a hint immediately, he decides to dispose of the half-alive baby.

On the other hand, his midwife was not able to do so she placed him in a boat and the boat swept away with the waves. He then was found by a medicine man. Who took care of him and also gave him artificial arms, legs, eyes, and even skin. The boy was later named Hyakkimaru. Although the boy cannot see, hear, or smell. He learns how to fight and gets on a journey to kill the demons who took his body parts. Whenever he kills a demon he regains a body part. However, if every demon died the land of Diego would also not survive.

The main character however is Dororo, who is a little orphan girl and has no one to live with. So, she decides to join the journey with Hyakkimaru to kill all the demons and found her body parts. Dororo together with Hyakkimaru does kill every demon who has taken Hyakkimaru’s body parts. Until then stay tuned for the latest updates for Dororo Season 2.