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Jamal Murray Girlfriend- Who is she? know about the NBA star’s girlfriend SHOCKING NEWS!!!

Jamal Murray Girlfriend: Harper Hempel. Who is Harper Hempel? Here is everything you need to know about Jamal Murray Girlfriend, Harper Hempel.

Here we are talking about Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend.  Who is the girlfriend of Jamal Murray? Where do they live? What do they do? And know about his personal life. To know, read our complete article, and know everything about them. So his girlfriend is Harper Hempel. She is known as the girlfriend of Jamal Murray. Her profession is Social Media Consultant and she is also a Businesswoman. Her age is 25 years as of 2021. Her father’s name is Richard Hempel and the name of her mother is Colleen Hempel. Harper Hempel has a brother named Conner Hempel. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

The internet broke overnight as Denver Nuggets player Jamal Murray’s NSFW video got leaked on social media. The star’s Instagram story had his sex tape released. But although it was deleted very soon, moments later, since then there have been numerous fans asking about Jamal Murray Girlfriend. Later, Jamal Murray confirmed that his account had been hacked and someone had committed this misdeed through his Instagram, probably to harass the star.

But ever since there have been so many questions on the internet regarding Jamal Murray Girlfriend, we at Insta Chronicles decided to give the people what they need, and disclose to you every information we could get on Jamal Murray Girlfriend.


Jamal Murray

First of all, here is a little info on who is Jamal Murray, since some people have been confused by this whole sex tape scandal. 

Jamal Murray was born on the 23rd of February, 1997. He plays for Denver Nuggets in the NBA. Murray used to play for Kentucky Wildcats before being drafted by Denver Nuggets in the NBA. Ever since he started with the game, he has been rising into fame and popularity and doing really well in his field. 

His Instagram was hacked and a story showing an NSFW video of him went viral lately, raising questions about the Nuggets star and who Jamal Murray Girlfriend is.

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Jamal Murray Girlfriend- Harper Hempel

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Harper Hempel born on the 30th of August, 1997 is Jamal Murray Girlfriend. She is a graduate of Gatton School of Business, at the University of Kentucky. She majors in Marketing and Digital Media Marketing. She was also a player of the Kentucky Women’s Volleyball Team until she graduated 3 years later. She used to be quite a popular personality at their school. Jamal Murray Girlfriend, Harper Hempel, and Jamal had been in a relationship since their sophomore years. Her Instagram id is @harperhempel, and if you look her up on Instagram, you get to see lots of beautiful pictures of her traveling, and at beautiful locations around the world. Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel seems to be in love with traveling, it seems. 

Harper Hempel has quite a good amount of popularity on Instagram. So far, Jamal Murray Girlfriend, Harper Hempel has kept her life private on Instagram. Since she is a college athlete dating an NBA star, she has tried to remain lowkey, to avoid the eyes of social media or the public, but when Twitter exploded as Jamal Murray’s girlfriend and his NSFW video resurfaced on the internet, after being deleted from his Instagram story. The Denver Nuggets star claimed that some unknown entity hacked into his social media account and posted the video on his story.

After this incident, both Jamal Murray’s girlfriend as well as Jamal Murray disappeared from social media for a while and made their personal lives private to let all the heated debate around the couple cool down a bit. 


Is Jamal Murray’s girlfriend and Jamal Murray still together?

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

For those of you wondering if Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel, and Jamal Murray are still together or not, since their first episode of a sex scandal on the internet through social media, Yes. The couple is still together, and going strong it seems. Since the incident took place, the two turned their personal lives private for safety reasons, to not attract public attention again. Both their accounts on social media now have pictures of them with their friends and family, but no photos of the two together, in fact, nothing at all, that could link the couple to each other. Also, since the world pandemic took place, they have had to keep their distance from each other. The players of the NBA are required to stay within their bubble and maintain certain restrictions and guidelines for safety reasons. These restrictions are what has kept the two away from each other for a while now. In fact, Jamal Murray’s girlfriend has had to celebrate her 24th birthday without him. But sources say, the couple is all set to reunite soon enough.

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What does Jamal Murray’s girlfriend do for a living?

Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel, and the NBA Denver Nugget star, Jamal Murray have been going strong ever since their sophomore year at the University Of Kentucky. 

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend had been a vital part of the Kentucky Women’s Volleyball Team, and that is how the two had first met.

After Jamal was drafted into the NBA by the Nuggets, he had to move away to stay in Denver, however, Harper stayed back in Kentucky to complete her college and continue playing volleyball. But that did not affect their relationship or cause any crack in between the two. They had been in a long-distance relationship.

As a graduate, Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel has started working now. Harper, who is also a photographer, owns a company in Kentucky. Simultaneously, she also works as a social media consultant. Harper has various sources of income. In August 2019, she had joined All Social Jessie as a social media marketing manager. As of March 2020, Harper has been working as a Social Media Community Manager of Fact & Fiction. However, the controversial video took a significant toll on her career and mental health making the two deactivate their social media for a while to take a break, and finally, get back on social media but make their personal life private. 

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend’s current net worth stands at $100 thousand. 


So, here is everything you needed to know about Jamal Murray Girlfriend and the relationship status between the two at present. In brief, Jamal Murray Girlfriend is Harper Hempel who he had been in love with since their college sophomore year. And yes they are still together and going strong, even after the huge sex tape scandal on social media.


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