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Hello my twenties season – 3 | Canceled or Confirmed? | About the show | Story line | Cast | Trailer | Release Date

Hello my twenties season – 3

Annyeong! Hello, my twenties season – 3  fans!!

Hello my twenties season – 3: Welcome to the page, spectators of Hello my twenties. Here we have all the latest updates regarding ‘Hello my twenties season – 3’ for which you are eagerly waiting! If you are new here and someone has recommended you to watch this show, that person has done a great job, how? Read the article and you’ll know it by yourself! Check out the release date of Hello my twenties season – 3  below:

About the show :

Hello, my twenties also known as the ‘Age of youth’ is a South Korean romantic and youth drama written by ‘Park Yeon-soon, directed by ‘Lee Tae-gon’ and ‘Kim Sang-ho’ and produced by ‘Park Jae-sam’ and ‘Park Jun-SEO’s starring ‘Han Ye-ri’, ‘Han Seung-Yeon, ‘Park Eun-bin’, ‘Ryu Hwa-young’, ‘Park Hye-sun, ‘Ji Woo’ and ‘Choi Ara’.

‘Celltrion Entertainment’, also known as ‘Dream E&M’, and ‘Drama House’ are the production companies behind the show, while ‘Park Jae-sam’ and ‘Park Jun-so are the producers of this show.

This series has two Seasons, as of now, and has 26 episodes in total. It aired on “JTBC” from July 22, 2016, to October 7, 2017. The first season has 12 episodes and first aired on July 22, 2016, and last aired on August 27, 2016. The last season has 14 episodes and first aired on August 22, 2017, and last aired on October 7, 2017.

Hello my twenties season - 3

Storyline :

The story revolves around the life of five young girls who are University students and live together in a share house known as ‘Belle Epoque. The story tells how their life gets connected and depicts the real-life situations, the problems faced by youth, and how they find happiness in all those chaos. All the girls have their ups and down moments in their academic and personal life.

There are a few ‘my favorite’ moments which I would like to share but here is a spoiler alert! If you have already seen the show then just go ahead and read it, otherwise, it’s up to you either read or skip this part.

So, the first one is the role of ‘Yoon Jin-Myung as she battled through her school life as well as her jobs, going through a series of trials of interviews just to simply fail, struggling with long working hours, and on the top of that, school work which makes her life a complete Hustle. I personally feel that her story is the most relevant to the real-life situation of a young boy or a girl.

The second one is the college life of ‘Eun-Jae, one of the most fascinating parts, there are so many cultural differences as well as academic differences in the colleges of South Korea and India which you might find out.

One last thing I would like to say the role of ‘Ji won’ was the most energetic one, she never fails to bring a smile to a Sad face :-(, she always provides comfort both in joyful and emotional ways. Everyone needs a cheerful and lively friend like her in reality!

Hello my twenties season - 3

The cast of Hello my twenties season – 3 :

The 5 girls tackle their problems and all type of situations in their own way and also often help each other and support each other whenever needed.

  • Han Ye-ri – As ‘Yoon Jin-Myung, who plays a 28-year-old hardworking businesswoman with the complicated family situations. She is the eldest member of the sharehouse, her experiences usually help all other 4 girls to tackle their problems. She is a beer-loving person!
  • Han Seung-Yeon – As  ‘Jung Ye-run, a 22-year-old Culinary Arts major with a religious background. Her life seems to be the most sorted out as she has her clear likes and dislikes. She has a boyfriend who really cares about her.
  • Park Eun-bin – As ‘Park Eun-bin’ who is a 20-year-old, quirky adventurous roommate who says she sees ghosts. She is a major in Journalism. The audience easily gets hooked on this character as she brings fun to any situation.
  • Ryu Hwa-young – As ‘Kang Yi-na’, a 24-year-old sugar girl with an expensive, high-class taste. She was seen only as a guest in the second season.
  •  Park Hye-soo – As ‘Yoo Eun-Jae who is the youngest one ( 20-year-old ), she is a countryside girl who is a major in Psychology. She has a shy nature which is why she takes a little while to get along with the other members of the sharehouse and the reason behind her silence is her troubling past which later on gets revealed.

‘Ryu Hwa-young’ was not in the second season as she was removed and a new character was introduced ‘Jo Eu’ which was played by ‘Choi Ara’ but Ryu Hwa-young has appeared as a guest in the second season.

Hello my twenties season - 3

  • Choi Ara – As ‘Jo Eun’ who was seen only in the second season.
  • Kim Hyo-jin – As Yoon Jin-Myung’s mother
  • Yoon Yong-Joon – As ‘Shin Yool-bin’, he is the crush of Yoo Eun-Jae
  • Moon Sook – As homeowner grandmother
  • Yoon Park – As Park Jae-wan, he is an Italian restaurant chef and ‘love interest of Jin-Myung. He was seen as a guest in the second season.
  • Choi Deok-moon – As ‘Oh Jong-Gyu, he is the mystery man of Yi-na
  • Ji Il-Joo  – As ‘Go Doo-young’, Ye-Eun’s ex-boyfriend’
  • Kim Min-Seok – As’ Seo Jang-hoon’, only seen in the second season of the series. He is the Deputy of the share house, Belle Epoque’s owner, and also the love interest of Jo Eun.

Hopefully, we will be able to see the same cast for the Hello my twenties season – 3 while they will solve their problems in their own ways!


‘Hello, My Twenties!’ on Netflix’s official website For official summaries are very suitable. Five college girls become housewives in a shared residence called Belle Epoque, with different personalities, tastes in men, and life goals. All the girls struggle with their daily problems and they share their joys and sorrows. With a man, one out of every five girls engages in a stimulating relationship that often becomes emotionally involved. It is a show that is full of moments that teens can relate to. Each leading lady brings some different things to the table and overall they make for a perfect blend of romance and drama.

The trailer of Hello twenties season – 3 :

Unfortunately, there is no trailer out for Hello my twenties season – 3 yet! But once it’ll be out, you can watch it on Netflix. Till then, check out the previous trailers of Hello my twenties!

The release date of Hello my twenties season – 3 :

Though there are few chances of releasing Hello my twenties season – 3 in the year 2021 there is no relevant information or no official announcements. You have to wait for the announcements and keep an eye out on our page as we will keep updating you regarding the latest information on the release of Hello my twenties season – 3.

Stay tuned!

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