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Monster Musume Season 2- Release Date | Plot | Cast | Trailer | UNEXPECTED NEWS!!!

Still, waiting for Monster Musume Season 2? Unsure whether there will at all be a Monster Musume Season 2? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will let you know everything you need to know regarding the possibilities of Monster Musume Season 2 being made.

Monster Musume Season 2 is one of the most anticipated anime shows lately. The first season of the show had gained quite a good amount of popularity and ever since then, the demand for Monster Musume Season 2 keeps increasing with every passing day. Otakus from all over the world are getting more and more eager every day.

Monster Musume a.k.a Everyday Life With Monster Girls is a Japanese harem anime series. It has been adapted from a manga series by the same name, written by Okayado. The first season of the anime had 12 episodes and made its debut on the 7th of July, 2015. The season finale of the first season of this series aired on the 22nd of September, 2015. It received a great response from all critics, the admirers of the manga as well as new fans of the anime.

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Monster Musume Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

The story revolves around a Japanese student, Kimihito Kurusu. As he gets entangled in the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program, his life is ultimately thrown into turbulence and he finds himself in some pretty weird situations.

The plot of the anime series is pretty unique and fans loved it for that reason.  However, despite so many great reviews from all over the world, fans have not heard anything as of yet from the official creators of the anime show regarding the making of Monster Musume Season 2 or even any plan at all about the future of this show. Sentai Filmworks has not confirmed whether or not Monster Musume Season 2 has been canceled or if it might be taken up for renewal soon enough, leaving the future of the show is nothing but absolute darkness. 

Monster Musume Season 2

Is There A Possibility of Monster Musume Season 2?

Fans feel that even though there has been no official confirmation at all regarding the future of the show, there should be a Monster Musume Season 2 sooner at all. One of the reasons for this firm belief is because according to most fans of the show, towards the end of the first season of Monster Musume, there was a scene in which “Nikki Kettei” was written in the background. So that might have been a hint to something for the second season.  But so far, even after half a decade has already passed by, nothing has been confirmed by Sentai Filmworks which does make the future of Monster Musume Season 2 look kind of dull and bleak. Fans of the show are still waiting for a green flag from the creators, even after all these years. As soon as any official news regarding Monster Musume Season 2  is received by us, we are sure to upload it here, on our site, or update this section of the article.

Cast: Monster Musume Season 2

There’s no official word on Season 2’s vocal cast yet, but it’s more than likely that you’ll find the voices of your favorites just like in Season 1. The following actors are also going to make their voices heard again in the upcoming season.

  1. Junji Majima will be voicing for Kurusu Kimihito
  2. Ari Ozawa will be voicing for Papi
  3. Natsuki Aikawa will be voicing for Centorea
  4. Haruka Yamazaki will be voicing for Mero
  5. Mayuka Nomura will be voicing Suu
  6. Sora Amamiya will be speaking for Miia
  7. Ai Kakuma will be voicing for Lala

The following is the additional cast that you might be heard in the second season of Monster Musume Season 2.

  1. Yu Kobayashi will be displaying for Ms. Smith
  2. Sakura Nakamura will be voicing for Rachnera.
  3. Rei Mochizuki will be exhibiting for zombies
  4. Saori Onishi will be voicing for Doppel

Is There enough Source Material for Monster Musume Season 2?

Monster Musume Season 2

One of the other factors that affect the making of a sequel of an anime show, other than the popularity factor is the availability of source material. This is because most anime shows are generally adapted from their manga series. Thus there need to be enough volumes of the manga available before making another new season for the show. So let us have a look at the availability of Source material as far as the making of Monster Musume Season 2 is concerned.

The first season of the anime show had a total of 12 episodes and constituted 25 chapters of the manga. The manga series in total has 16 volumes, the latest one has come out in 2020. Therefore, there is more than enough source material available for Sentai Filmworks to fish out of. Monster Musume Season 2 can easily be made. In fact, there is enough to make a few more seasons. So, the source material is not at all a barrier as far as the making of the new season is concerned.

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Monster Musume Season 2 Plot:

Monster Musume Season 2 will possibly revolve around a fight between all the monster girls trying to get close to our protagonist, Kimihito Kurusu. It seems like all of the monster girls are down to battle and see who ultimately gets to be with him. The future of the show seems pretty exciting and we cannot wait for some light-hearted fun and entertainment, and maybe some nice turn of unexpected events in Monster Musume Season 2. 

Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume Season 2: Release Date

As far as a release date is concerned, there has been no official confirmation. As a matter of fact, no news regarding the possibility of the second season has been given to us yet. So as of now, there is no certainty that there will be a Monster Musume Season 2 at all. However going by the popularity of the show, and the excess of source material available for making a new season, it seems likely that a new season shall come out soon enough. However since no news has been released yet, we cannot expect Monster Musume Season 2 to be launched anytime soon. At the least, even if the making of the series is started now, it should not be released before the end of the next year, 2022. So let us just hope, a green flag regarding the creating of the second season is shown to us soon by Sentai Filmworks, cause we all have been waiting for a considerable amount of time now, and we cannot wait to have more of the Monster Musume fun, very soon.


As soon as any official news regarding the release of Monster Musume Season 2 is released by Sentai Filmworks, or any other official and trustworthy source, we are sure to update you on it. So till then, stay tuned and follow us for regular updates on all your favorite shows.

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