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The Breaker Part 3- GOOD NEWS FOR MANHWA LOVERS!!!! Coming Soon!! | Release Date | Cast | Trailer

Fans have been waiting patiently for over half a decade now, for The Breaker Part 3. If you are among those manhwa lovers who have been so patient for all this while, there is some good news for you. The future of the South Korean manhwa series, The Breaker Part 3 does look somewhat hopeful. In this article, we will disclose to you, everything we know, and everything you need to know regarding the future of your favorite manhwa series and whether or not there is any possibility for The Breaker Part 3 to be made, after all these long years. 

Here we’re talking about the third part of The Beaker. The Breaker is a very amazing and fantasy anime series that has a huge number of fans. Everything about The Breaker Part 3 is in this article which you need to know. So in this article, we will tell you about the release date of The Breaker Part 3. When these popular and amazing anime will come? What is the release date of The Breaker Part 3? It’s an amazing plot and Storyline, and also the cast of The Breaker Part 3. To know the answers to all the above questions, read our entire article thoroughly. And know everything about The Beaker Part 3 which you need to know.

The Breaker Part 3

The Breaker is a South Korean manhwa series that first debuted way back in 2007. The popular manhwa, written by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrated by Park Jin-hwan, ran for ten volumes until 2010. Soon, the second installment of the manhwa series, The Breaker came out. It is called, The Breaker: New Wave, and it continued from 2010 to mid-2015. And ever since then fans have been waiting for The Breaker Part 3. Even though both the parts of the manhwa gained lots of appreciation and love from manhwa lovers all over the world, publisher Daewon C.I. is yet to renew the third part- The Breaker Part 3.

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The story revolves around Shiwoon Yi, a high school student who becomes a disciple of Chun Woo Han, a martial artist who is an enemy to the secret martial arts society known as the Murim. The manhwa has gained immense popularity and has been localized in other languages as well, like Polish, German, Italian, French, and Russian.

The Breaker Part 3

The Breaker Part 3: Cancelled? Or Coming Soon?

The future of The Breaker Part 3 has never even been in question. With the huge popularity, the manhwa series gained it was obvious that sooner or later The Breaker Part 3 would come out. The only question was, when?

Both the author as well as the illustrator of the series have always been quite positive about working together on the sequel of the series, but time and again, for some reason or another, they have not got the chance to start working on The Breaker Part 3. Ultimately the duo began working on a totally different, new project instead.

Their brand new manhwa series, Trinity Wonder received equal love and appreciation from both The Breaker fans as well as other manhwa lovers. Due to this second comic series, the duo writer Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrator Park Jin-hwan had stopped proceeding with The Breaker Part 3. They had unanimously decided and let all The Breaker fans know, that once their new manhwa project, Trinity Wonder is out with its all 3 parts, they would once again get back to The Breaker and start to work on The Breaker Part 3. 

Trinity Wonders did take quite a while to complete, but luckily it finally did. And now that this manhwa series of theirs, that had been consuming all their time and efforts is finally out with all of its three parts, once again there is fresh and new hope for The Breaker Part 3. Finally the highly anticipated sequel, The Breaker Part 3 might be coming to us. 

The Breaker Part 3

When will the writers start working on The Breaker Part 3?

Ever since Trinity Wonders ended with all its 3 seasons/parts, fans of The Breaker have been wondering when the famous writer, illustrator duo is going to start working on Part 3. There have been rumors that as soon as Trinity Wonders is out with all its three parts, work on Part 3 is going to be started. Thus people have been eager to get a green flag. 

Fortunately, these rumors did turn out to be the truth as Geuk-jin and Jin-hwan both confirmed the news. Last year, at an interview with Star Comics the topic of Part 3 was brought up, and this writer, illustrator duo had a brief conversation about it.

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What did the Writer and the Illustrator have to say about the future of The Breakers Part 3?

At an interview held by the publishing house, Star Comics, in 2019, the writer, illustrator duo of Jin Hwan and Geuk Jin, confirmed that they are soon about to get back to Part 3. But you should not expect it to come out too soon. The project could take a few years to be finally released in the market. But yes, definitely, there is going to be a new installment of the manhwa series. And although they have not confirmed, we are guessing by now, they might have as well started working on Part 3, and we just cannot wait any longer with every passing day.

The Breaker Part 3

When will The Breaker Part 3 arrive in the market?

Jin Hwan and Geu Jin, the writer, illustrator duo did confirm that there will be The Breaker Part 3, but at the same time, they mentioned that it would take quite a while for the sequel to arrive in the market. This, they had confirmed to us, back in 2019 in an interview with a publishing house. Ever since then, no new update has been received, but assuming that the duo might have already started working on  Part 3, we can expect Part 3 to arrive somewhere around mid or late 2023, at the earliest.

Nothing more can be said as of now, but we will update this section or put up a new article on our site as soon as any further news update is received regarding the future of Part 3. Until then, rest assured that your favorite manhwa series will most definitely have a sequel, and let us just hope that  Part 3 comes out soon.

Till then, keep following us for more updates, and let us know in the comments below which was your favorite part in the whole series so far, or what are your expectations from Part 3? We would absolutely love to hear from you.

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