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Anime like Irregular at magic high school: SELECTED | Top Rated | WATCH NOW!!!

Brief introduction: Anime like Irregular at magic high school

Here we are talking about Anime like Irregular at magic high school. If you loved The Irregular at Magic High School then you should watch these animes which are similar to this anime. Irregular at magic high school is a very amazing and fantasy animated series that has a lot of fans.

The next season of Irregular at magic high school is not out yet, so until its next season comes, you can watch these series which are similar to Irregular at magic high school. The series we are talking about here is very good and very amazing. So you must have a look. To know the name of these animes read our article below and see Anime like Irregular at magic high school.

The series Anime like Irregular at magic high school has some aspects which make it a little different and has received a lot of controversies and did not mix up with the rest of the things. The series also has some of the major issues like they are into an unpredictable issue and the second major issue which kept the series in the controversy was. The series has given so many slight hints about the incestuous relationship between two characters which make viewers a bit uncomfortable. Check out the list of the best Anime like Irregular at magic high school below:

The story states about the Tatsuya Shiba who is a bodyguard of his little sister. He is also the candidate to succeed in the leadership of the Yotsuba clan which is one of the Ten Master Clans that govern all of Japan’s magicians. They are told to enroll in their First High School which differentiates its students based on their magical abilities. Miyuki who is the little sister is enrolled as a first-course student and also holds the position of one of the best students, while on the other hand Tatsuya is in his second course and is likely to be considered to be magically inept. Besides being a good student at the academy Tatsuya’s technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques eventually make a cause people view him as irregular to the school’s standardized rankings. Below is the list of the selected and top-rated Anime like Irregular at magic high school.

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List of Anime like Irregular at magic high school

1.Code Geass

Anime like Irregular at magic high school

The very first of our list of Anime like Irregulars at magic high schools: The city of Japan has been taken over by the powerful kingdom of Britannia which possesses and suggests that they have a big weapon mysterious weapon. Even after making several efforts to remove and discard the rule of this kingdom, Japan fails to be a free nation. Soon, the place is renamed Area 11 and only a few rebel forces remain in the area who are still willing to battle against the Britannian rule. When a high school kid named Lelouch gets caught in a crossfire between the two opposing parties, a mysterious girl appears and grants him the “Power of Kings” which eventually makes him the most powerful of all. This is where he sets out on a journey to not only use his newly adopted and granted powers but to formulate the ultimate strategies to bring peace to his nation.

As compared to the rest of the anime Code Geass feature a high school kid as its hero. In anime like Irregular at magic high school, the main character of the code Geass’ is extremely overwhelmed and is also a brilliant administrator. He also has a very strong sense of purpose as wells of his power and energies are given to him and when he needs help, he is guided by a female magical character.

2.The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water

Anime like Irregular at magic high school

In the mysterious floating city of Asterisk, an imaginary world a very prestigious academy known as Seidoukan still exists. This Academy is the home for many youngsters who occupy supernatural abilities and are known to be the Genestellas. At the Academy, they exercise their power to keep them in their hand and to control them to prepare for a festival where they battle against one another. Ayato Amagiri is one of the few recruits of the school who finds himself against a girl named Julis; his life will never be the same again. This is the best Anime like Irregular at magic high school.

Isolated from all the action, the two series also bring in components of other genres including romance and sci-fi. Harem is also a commonly repeated theme as the leads are surrounded by young beautiful women.

3.Strike The Blood

Kojou Akatsuki’s a normal boy whose life turns completely upside down when the strongest of all the Vampire releases her spirit on him and makes him the Fourth Ancestor of his own kind. Soon, the government also finds out about this and puts all their effort to stop all of it from happening, as a boy is being he is forced to use a very powerful sword known as Shaman. But it turns out to be a very powerful weapon in his hand and that it is no ordinary sword and is actually an assistant who goes by the name of Himeragi Yukina. Kojou will now have to face her but nothing is not as simple as it seems. This is also one of the best Anime like Irregulars at magic high school. One thing which makes both of the show very common is the adventure and that magic that let the whole story revolve around it. The male protagonists have similar personalities and the girls around them are mysteriously moved towards both of them. Strike the Blood‘ is a must-watch if you are a vampire lover then you must watch the series and as this series involve adventure that will also make you thrill

4.Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Anime like Irregular at magic high school

Next to or list of Anime like Irregular at magic high school is: Ikki Kurogane, the hero, is on his way to attend an extremely certified academy known as the Hagun Academy. He trains to be a great mage Knight and has a hope that he will be the great magic someday. eventually, everything comes with a price so here he has his biggest problem unlike most other kids at school, he seems to be a terrible Knight and is named the “Worst One” because of his terrifying grades. To pass the year, he’ll have to fix all of this and have to get a good grade soon. A new ray of hope lights on him when a new headmaster joins the school and offers him a second chance to restore his chances of graduating. She tells him that if he’s able to win the “Seven Star Sword Festival”, his ranks will be ignored and he will certainly with no doubt be a graduate. When Stella, a new girl and also a magical princess, joins the school, Nikki has a great chance of winning seemingly get lower. But winning not only the motive left for him it is a lot more than just graduating for him as the rule of the academy says that the one who gets to win will actually get to enslave the other for life.

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