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Anime like Asterisk War: Selected ones | Best Ratings | Choose the best WATCH THE BEST!!!

Anime like Asterisk War

In this article, we are talking about The Beat Anime like Asterisk War. So read our article to know The Best Anime like Asterisk War. If you love to watch the Asterisk War series then you need to see these Series which are in our article. An anime series Asterisk War is taking place in a high school setting and revolves around magic. The Asterisk War is a very interesting series and this series attracts fans from the crowd who are like to watch ecchi and harem stuff. This series has a very interesting plot. So to know more about this anime and Anime like Asterisk War read our article below.

Anime like Asterisk War: The series asterisk war has a genus of action and the series is written in the Japanese light novel. The series is written by Yū Miyazaki and is directed by  Kenji Seto. The academy is built on the water as the media factory has already launched its ten volumes since September 2012. The plot of the series is all about when an infamous and unexcepted disaster area known as inertia takes place it changed a lot of many lives. It also turned the world upside down which eventually result in the vanishing of the strength of the existing world. As the new world is starting to take control over the academy and the new world is also known as the integrated Empire Foundation. The new world has taken the charge of the academy and new species of the human has evolved. This new human species not only come into the light but also brings some unique power which is called Genestella. The most elite and intelligent ones are being picked up and are sent for study in the top six schools. They are asked to entertain each other and asked to fight and battle with each other. To find the best of the best Ayato Amagiri is one of the best students of the academy. Due to poor performance faced by the academy in past weeks but the main concern of Ayato Amagiri is to find and chase her missing sister. When he encountered the half-naked and one of the best and most popular girls in the academy. Julis-Alexia forces him to fight with her but he later was checked and interviewed by the council of the academy. 

When the council of the academy asked him to join the battle he in a matter of seconds decline the proposal and showed no interest. But, with time, his life took a new turn when he saw and hear the plot of the devious is heating up in the academy. Ayato now decides and gets ready to take up the challenge and finds himself in the middle of the highly powerful human species known as Genestella. While you will watch the series you will be able to feel the emotion and will also be able to relate to the story.

Anime like Asterisk War

Now here are the best Anime like Asterisk War the theme and the story of these Anime like Asterisk War.

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List of Anime like Asterisk War:

  1. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: The series is the same Anime as Asterisk War and the storyline is something you can also relate to. The story talks about Blazer who is a supernatural human who hides a special ability and power to transfer the souls into the weapon. For controlling their ability and emotion they are sent to the academy called Hagun Academy. A place where they are trained and modified into the mage knight as the academy is full of supernatural humans. They all are ranked in order from a to f  where the f is called as  F-rated blazers. The F are the worst and lowest of all the academy the group f ahs no number of students but only one. Ikki Kurogane the worst and the poorest student in the academy one day on his way he accidentally met a half-naked A-ranked Blazer Stella Vermillion. Angry Stella challenges him and asks him to fight whereas as per the rules the loser has to act as a slave of the winner. this is one of the best and top-rated Anime like Asterisk War. In the journey of his fight, he struggles and proves to all what the weakest can do when they decide not to give up and show their powers.Anime like Asterisk War
  2. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance- This series about the power and adventure to which everyone can relate to. The story plot is about one of the finest academies in the world where girls are trained and are just an Anime like Asterisk War. The girls of the academy are called a holy shrine and girls of the holy shrine are only admitted to the academy. In the academy, girls are taught and trained to keep in contact with the spirits and also compete with each other and they are called Elementalists. As this privileged is only given to the girls but everyone is in shock when they find a normal boy who somehow manages to make a contact and a contract with one of the spirits. As he is the only man who did this in thousands of years so he draws everyone’s attention towards himself. Later, everyone realizes that the contract with the spirits has been stolen from Claire Rouge, a shrine princess. The headmaster of the academy decides to call him and wants him to join the academy to fight and compete in the battle. As he is the single boy in the house full of girls which makes his journey tough as the secret behind the stolen contract is yet to revealAnime like Asterisk War
  3.  Absolute Duo- Ther series is Anime like Asterisk War but also somewhat similar to the Rakudai Kishi. The plot of the story is as similar as it the story talks bout supernatural humans. Blazers who can material any soul in the weapons as all of them are send to the special academy to enhance and to bring the best out of their powers. But the fun fact about the academy is their power will rise and enhances if they are working in the pairs. The student is called an absolute duo if they are successful in working in pairs and have gained their powers. Tooru Kokonoe who is the new student at the academy has not only to have the motive to enhances his powers. He also has hope in his heart that he will find the murders of his sister. If he loses he is being expelled from the school but with the hope he manages his position in the academy.

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Anime like Asterisk War

This is all to Anime like Asterisk War! Hope you find our article on Anime like Asterisk War useful. Do you want more articles like Anime like Asterisk War? Do comment below in the comment area.

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