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Diana Lovejoy: Where did she disappeared? | Is she a MURDERER?

Diana Lovejoy: PERSONAL LIFE

Diana Lovejoy

Diana Lovejoy was born in October and brought up in California she went to mountain view high school in California. She is 44 years old graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French. She joined Nokia as a lead documentation specialist after she was graduated from university. She worked for four years in Nokia before she joined a technical software company. After changing lots of jobs she finally started her own fitness business in 2018. She worked as a personal trainer till 2012 she got married to Gregory Mulvihill just like the very relationship they too had a decent relationship among them but things start to fall apart. When a couple suffered 8 miscarriages they finally had a son but till the time they had drained their marriage and relationship. They were separated and filed the divorce in June 2014 they were finally alleged divorced in June 2016 after long custody. She was 44 years when she was finally declared guilty in the murder case of her husband after the long procedure when the time come about the child custody. The responsibility was given to Gregory and was told to Diana that she can only meet her son per week with a ten-hour visit.  She was asked to pay 12,000 USD to her husband in order to pay money to her husband she has to sell some of her belongings. Later things came out in the court and Mc David said that Diana has also allegedly forced her to told him that her estranged partner had sexually abused her and their son on multiple occasions, a claim that was already disproved by an investigation. Later, it was found out that he was paid $2,000. She has also written several books.

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Diana Lovejoy: MURDER CASE

She was in jail for 36 years and she will come out of jail in 2036 she was first put behind the bars in February 2018 after a long custody trial. She fainted in court after she was found guilty of hiring an assassin to kill her husband for $2,000. Now the question that arises why would she do this was the murder involved some personal issue or family issue. On the dark night of 4th September 2016, Gregory Mulvihill received a call. At the time, the caller was not identified but he turned out to be Weldon McDavid Jr, Diana’s shooting instructor. He posed as a private investigator claiming he had crucial information regarding his divorce. Mulvihill and his friend Jason Kovach rode to the dirt path of Avenida Soledad. There Weldon was waiting with a firearm. He opened fire on Greg in the dark. His co-worker runs to near the station and dials 911 Mulvihill was rushed to a hospital and had surgery for his wound. Diana Lovejoy was arrested and shooting instructor McDavid was also brought in for questioning.

Diana Lovejoy

Mulvihill filed for full custody of his son after the shooting He was shot in his torso but survived as the bullet had narrowly missed his heart. Diana Lovejoy accused her husband of sexual abuse and mental torture. Diana Lovejoy began taking shooting lessons at a local range, and that’s where she met her instructor and future partner-in-crime, Weldon McDavid. He previously taught another woman named Crystal Harris, who had told him that her husband allegedly raped her repeatedly. McDavid told Dateline NBC that he wanted to “kill” her husband after hearing tapes of Harris being raped. Investigators questioned Kovach, who revealed that the victim received a mysterious call that night about dirt on his ex that would help in their divorce proceedings. She and Weldon McDavid faced sentences of 25 years to life and 50 years to life, respectively. Lovejoy faced a lesser sentence because she did not pull the trigger. Sentencing was set for December 12, 2017. On January 31, 2018, Diana Lovejoy was sent to 26 years to life. She reportedly cried during her statement to the judge. A recovering Mulvihill told authorities that he and Lovejoy were having issues for years and that their separation was anything but amicable. According to Mulvihill, Lovejoy was convinced their son was suffering from an illness, even when people told her otherwise. Along with disagreeing over their son’s medical care, Lovejoy alleged Mulvihill was abusive.

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Diana Lovejoy

Diana Lovejoy said that in 2014 when she began having symptoms of chronic fatigue. Mc David has faced 50 years of jail While ex-husband Mulvihill appeared in court for the sentencing, he remained silent and left soon after Lovejoy’s sentence was read. In a Dateline interview, which aired on NBC in March 2018, McDavid said he has regretted his affair with Lovejoy more than the attempted murder and conspiracy for which he was convicted. Diana Lovejoy though eventually murder her husband after they were divorced and now she is behind the bar counting her days to come out of jail. Lovejoy wasn’t happy with their 50-50 custody arrangement and with having to pay Mulvihill $120,000, so she hired McDavid to eliminate the problem she also wants to remove all those people from her path who saw her or known about the crime she committed at the night of her husband death.  Taking a look at Mc David Consequently, he is an expert gunman. He, along with his mistress Diana Lovejoy, had conspired to assassinate her estranged husband Greg Mulvihill. At his trial, he pleaded not guilty, he really wanted to kill Greg, he could have easily done so. He received a 50-year sentence for his involvement. He also had to pay half a million dollars to Greg for punitive damages. He has been at the North Kern State Prison since March 2018. He will be eligible for parole in 2041.

Where is Diana Lovejoy Now?

Through the investigation deals ‘American Monsters’ going to find the more efficient horror genre of crimes that are operating under our noses, So that in which cases the main names may not be associated. but of seen, everyone is disturbing, in the same way, those who remain in the headlines.

In all these cases, one case was very dangerous which in this particular case was an attempt to assassinate Greg Mulvihill.

So that A suspiciously related phone call from an undisclosed number led him to a different location in the card bed and there was an assassination attempt against him. Stay tuned to know more.

We don’t know what she did was right or wrong all we can do is just sit and look at her imprisonment coming to end


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