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Amy and Tammy Slaton Now- What 1000lb sisters are up to now!! LATEST!!

Amy and Tammy Slaton Now: What are they up to now?

TLC is a television channel quite popular for its unique and lovely reality shows. On January 1st, 2020, TLC dropped ‘1000-Lb Sisters,’ a reality television show that follows the journey of the Slaton sisters – Amy and Tammy – as they work towards taking charge of their own lives by giving up on their unhealthy eating habits and focusing more on achieving their desired weight goal to lead a healthy and good lifestyle. This adorable pair of siblings, whose free-spirited nature immediately attracted viewers’ attention and made them fall in love with both them, as well as the TLC show-  Amy and Tammy Slaton, weigh 406 and 605 pounds, respectively. It is an emotional show, and their weight loss journey is documented on this television reality show. the show wrapped up on February 5th, 2020. Since then, fans of this show have been very eager to know what is up with Amy and Tammy Slaton now? 

So where are Amy and Tammy Slaton now? What is up with the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton now? Let us have a look at the adorable siblings, Amy and Tammy Slaton now, and also what this TLC show provides you with.

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Journey Of The 100 LB Sisters:

When Amy and Tammy Slaton began with their weight loss journey, 31-year-old Amy weighed 406 lbs, while her sister Tammy was a whopping 605 lbs heavy at the age of 32. With a combined total weight of over 1,000 pounds, Kentucky sisters Amy and Tammy realized that their lives were being greatly affected by their weight. The sisters also possess a YouTube channel where they used to document their weight loss journey before this show was made. The two were chosen as the cast for this reality TV show as the sum of their weights combined was a shocking 1000lb. Amy and Tammy Slaton now decided to be a part of the show as they wanted to transform their lives by getting bariatric surgery.

So that there are two sisters in the industry who have a lot of fans who are truly in love with their 1000-Ib Sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton and it is in the news that Amy got married and she became very successful and developed and the other side Tammy has so much struggle to find their relationship.

So that she is going to date the person she started to love and the name is Jerry Sykes on the Tv shows, you should know that this is the relation is not working and it’s not last and after that Tammy going to share a new boyfriend who might put a wrench in their weight loss plans.

406 pounds Amy’s biggest wake-up call came to her when she had a hard time trying to conceive. When Amy met Dr. Procter in Atlanta, she expressed her desire to start a proper family with her husband. Although she really wanted to get pregnant and have her own baby with her newly married husband Michael Halterman, her extreme diabetes and high blood pressure stood in their way of parenthood. It was a catastrophic health risk and pretty much an impossibility for Amy to get pregnant, even though she was only 31 years old.

While in the case of 604 pound Tammy Slaton, she was suffering from clinical depression as her health kept deteriorating. Tammy wanted to attain mental peace and confidence. She was suicidal and had tried to give up on life on several occasions before because of her sickness, ailments, diabetes, etc. She had begun to realize that if she goes on in the same way with her life, she might not make it till she is 35. After spending time in the hospital getting treated for her illness, Tammy moved in with Amy and her husband. And being together once again, the sister duo decided to start with their weight loss journey once again. But trying to work with their weight loss plan together did nothing but create fights between the two, very frequently, and started to drift them apart. Of course, being sisters, they bear a mutual irreplaceable love for each other, but still, somehow their bond started to get affected.

Amy and Tammy Slaton Now

To be eligible for gastric bypass surgery, the two women were advised to lose some weight. Dr, Procter started to guide them, and under the doctor’s careful watch Amy and Tammy Slaton now started to follow a well-prepared diet and some exercises which were added to their everyday routine chores. Definitely, it was an extremely difficult journey for the two, as very often they would relapse. The sisters had been addicted to junk food since a very young age. Food was the only thing they would rely on to make them feel happy or come out of phases of depression- which with time had got them where they were ( at the time of the show). Therefore it was not at all easy for them to come out of the habit. 

By the end of the show, the determined Amy had reached her goal and was informed by the doctor that finally she was eligible for the surgery. But then Tammy Slaton, unfortunately, could not make it. She had only managed to lose 50lb which was almost nothing compared to the weight she already had. So, she was advised to go back into her diet and exercise habits. She could not sit for the surgery she desired.

But what happened after the show ended? Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton now? Are they still engaged in their weight loss journey, trying to get better and fitter with every passing day?

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Amy And Tammy Slaton Now

Since the end of the show, people have had lots of questions about Amy and Tammy Slaton now? Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton now? What is new in the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton now?

Throughout the weight loss journey on the TLC show, not only did Amy and Tammy Slaton lose weight. But the show also helped them get back their shattered confidence. They no longer felt embarrassed of themselves or shy to go out in the public. The TV show helped them get a normal healthy life.

Through the show, we got to know how much Amy Slaton wanted a baby of her own and was determined to do anything to get her baby who she had already fallen in love with. She had visited her gynecologist after the show, and she had been advised to keep on with her weight loss goal and come back again after about six months.

Amy and Tammy Slaton now have seemed to progress a lot, which is quite evident through their social media. In her recent photos, Amy Slaton looks way more fit than she was during the show. She continues with her YouTube channel where she uploads makeup tutorials. Amy Slaton is still following her diet and exercise routine. Along with that, she goes out on regular walks with her husband. She also takes dancing lessons.

Amy and Tammy Slaton Now
Amy- Now vs. Then

As for Tammy, she isn’t very active on social media. Tammy has moved out of her sister’s place and is still going strong with her boyfriend, Jerry who she has been dating for over 5 years now.

Amy and Tammy Slaton Now
Tammy Slaton with Jerry

So that is all we know about Amy and Tammy Slaton now. Here is hoping that the two are doing a lot better now, and very soon they can achieve their desired goal.

Amy and Tammy Slaton Now- What 1000lb sisters are up to now!! LATEST!!
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