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Life for Phil Hartman’s kids had changed overnight with the death of their parents in 1998. Hollywood had been shaken to its core by the news of the tragic death of one of the most …

Life for Phil Hartman’s kids had changed overnight with the death of their parents in 1998.

Hollywood had been shaken to its core by the news of the tragic death of one of the most talented and renowned Canadian actors, screenwriter, and comedian, Phil Hartman.

Phil Hartman’s Kids are also born in Brantford Ontario, Canada, in 1948, Philip Edward Hartman who was a most popular character and also become one of the most renowned Canadian and it was an American actor and also a comedian and you should know that amazing thing that is Philip Edward Hartman is a screenwriter of all time. In their life, he has got a nickname “Glue”

So that when there was a news of his death in May 1998 there was a lot of misery in the entertainment industry due to his death, the world was shake up. it is very tough time for his family.

The entertainment industry received a massive blow with the death of this Saturday Night Live star, and what put the world even more in a shock was the cause of his death. He was shot by his wife, who after killing him shot herself.

There were multiple gunshots in Phil’s head and a single gunshot in Brynn Hartman’s head. Phil Hartman’s kids were there that fateful night giving them a traumatic experience that might be unimaginably hard to heal from. 

Years have passed since the incident. So where are Phil Hartman’s kids now and what are they up to nowadays?


The Death Of Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman had been married to his wife Brynn for eleven years than when his wife shot him several times and ended his life. After having killed him, Brynn Hartman took her own life by shooting herself leaving behind Phil Hartman’s kids- Sean Edward Hartman who was 9 at that time, and Birgen Anika Hartman who was 6.

Brynn Hartman had been suffering from insecurities. She felt intimidated by her husband’s confidence and growing success and even went through a few cosmetic procedures. She was jealous of her husband’s success and was addicted to drugs. Phil Hartman’s kids and even he quite often were victims of her drug abuse. Sometimes he would send away his kids to his friends’ place to keep them safe. Brynn Hartman was having a hard time with self-acceptance issues giving the family a hard time. But it seems like Phil Hartman loved her despite everything. He had even been thinking of retiring from his career to save the troubled marriage. Ultimately Brynn’s addiction to drugs and hard time loving herself made her murder her husband and then kill herself leaving behind the kids.

Phil Hartman's Kids
Phil Hartman with his wife, Brynn

Phil Hartman’s Kids after his death

Phil Hartman had often been recorded saying that being a father had made him the happiest he had ever been in his whole life. Phil Hartman’s kids meant a lot to him.

According to a Los Angeles Times article from 1998, Phil Hartman’s kids were present in the house that night. The police had received the report of the sound of a gunshot and arrived on the scene. On reaching the scene of the murder they saw 9-year-old Sean fleeing out the front door. When they went inside to get 6-year old Birgen, they heard a second gunshot- this time it was Brynn Hartman committing suicide. Luckily neither of the kids was injured.

For a while, Phil Hartman’s kids Edward and Birgen lived with Phil’s brother, John Hartman. But soon, their aunt (Brynn Hartman’s sister) – Katharine, and her husband Mike Wright were named their legal guardians. The couple did not have kids of their own and brought up Phil Hartman’s kids as their own firstborns. They even changed the last names of the kids, to not draw public attention towards the kids and keep them safe.

According to both Phil Hartman and Brynn Hatman’s identical wills, Phil Hartman’s kids would get one-third of their inheritance when they turn 25 or get a bachelor’s degree from a four year accredited university. On turning 30, they would receive half the remaining balance of the inheritance, and then on turning 35, they would receive the remaining half.

Also, it was mentioned in their 50-page will, the first guardian who consents to take care of the kids would receive a sum of 50,000 dollars from the Hartman’s estate.

Phil Hartman's Kids

Phil Hartman’s kids Today


Brynn and Phil Hartman’s kids today are leading a pretty positive lifestyle despite a horrific and life-changing traumatic event. They had been placed into the custody of their mother’s sister and her husband, who did not have kids of their own and successfully managed to raise very decent and private individuals.

Birgen Anika Hartman, just like her mother suffered from substance abuse for some time, but luckily she made it out of it and emerged successful in February of 2012.

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Both of Phil Hartman’s kids are private about their lives. But still, among the two, Birgen Hartman is often seen posting life updates on Instagram, while not much is known about Sean. He can not be found on any social media at all. Sean Hartman leads a low-key life but we do know he is the creative one among the two siblings and is pursuing a life of art and music. 

Although the siblings live a life away from the spotlight, Birgen Hartman tries her best to keep the memories of her beloved father alive. 

 In 2015, Birgen attended the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary celebration, to honor her father and his work on the show. She even said that it was heartwarming and very touching for her to see that her father is still highly admired and remembered so fondly even after all these years.

In the year 2016, on Father’s Day, she had posted a picture of her father, Phil Hartman on her Instagram account expressing her love for him and writing that although Phil Hartman’s kids have had a few fatherly figures in their life, still Phil will always be their favorite and remembered.

In September of 2018, she got married to her husband Brandon. The beautiful ceremony took place in Italy and you can find a picture of this beautiful couple on her public Instagram account. She goes by her original name Birgen Hartman on Instagram.

Phil Hartman's Kids
Source: Instagram

Her social media also indicates her struggle with substance use and the struggle of drug addiction. She had made a post in 2018 for making it 6 years drug-free, which meant she successfully came out of her addiction in the year 2012.


Phil Hartman’s kids are doing well in life, for all we know. They have been able to come out of their traumatic past and grown up to be cheerful individuals. 

It is scary and horrifying how substance abuse can end a happy family and turn lives upside down. Not only did Brynn Hartman end the lives of herself and her husband, but even Phil Hartman’s kids were affected at a young age. Please keep in mind how adverse addiction can get, and if you know someone who is going through the same, help them out as far as you can.

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