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Dennis SanSoucie | Who is he? | Where is he? TRUE STORY!! Answer to every question!

When we are the first introduction to Aaron Hernandez in Netflix‘s latest true crime, docuseries ‘Killer Inside’, we can see him as a talented, hardworking, self-made man, who has a loving partner and daughter, and a beautiful home. And when we first take a peek into his past, we were told by school friends and neighbors that Aaron had a pretty childhood. Then he married his high school sweetheart. But why a man like him throw everything by murdering people and then end his own life?.. Who is Dennis SanSoucie?

Here we are talking about Dennis Sansoucie who is a football player. Dennis Sansoucie is from the USA. For the school team, he also played football. He is not much a popular person. Denise Sansoucie is known because of her relationship with Aaron Hernandez. Aaron Hernandez is very popular person. He has always kept his professional and his personal background secret, low, and very private. Aaron Hernandez was an American football tight end and also he is a convicted murderer. To know more about Dennis Sansoucie and Aaron Hernandez read our article below and know all answers of your questions.

As the docuseries progress in which we learn about the different aspects of his life, eventually separates. Hernandez’s dual life. We learn that he had a troubled childhood with abuse and dark secrets, that may have played a crucial role. ‘Killer Inside’ does this brilliantly, well by making use of a non-linear narrative structure. It captures the responses of the people who were a part of his life and those lives got affected by him.

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We were introduced to Dennis SanSoucie, a school friend of Aaron’s. Dennis SanSoucie attended Bristol Central High School with Aaron and also played football with him. He tells the details about Aaron’s childhood and their bond with each other. It is only towards the end of the first part of the docuseries that he reveals theirs. But who is Dennis SanSoucie? And Where is he now? Something makes him commit such horrific acts.

Dennis SanSoucie

Aaron and Dennis SanSoucie were good friends from middle school. But their bond grew closer when they started to play football for Bristol Central High School. Dennis SanSoucie served as a quarterback, while Aaron was a tightrope for the team. The two smoked marijuana together before the time to go to school, practices, and games.

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Secrets about Dennis SanSoucie:

Dennis SanSoucie reveals that the two of them first began exploring a sexual relationship in middle school, which continued him during his high school also. He revealed that they two were in denial about what they were doing. But with how close the bond was, he stated that they were pretty much in a relationship together.

“Me and Aaron always had a great relationship and bond, but in middle school it had progressed to just more than friends”.

Dennis SanSoucie spoke about the homophobia which made them hide their relationship. He stated, that their lives would have been ruined if people get to know them once.

Dennis SanSoucie

Where is Dennis SanSoucie Now?

After high school, Dennis SanSoucie went to join the forces and served as a Marine in the US. Just like football became Aaron’s beard, the military was  Dennis SanSoucie’s way of keeping his sexuality a secret, It is only after he known about Aaron’s suicide in 2017, he decided to come out for the first time to his own family and friends, and Aaron’s death deeply troubled him. He believed Aaron was tired, depressed, and struggling afterlife had been for him. But it was also through Aaron that he felt the courage to come out,

“I really, truly feel in my heart I got the thumbs-up from him”.

Dennis SanSoucie: Aaron Hernandez’s  secret love:

Hernandez’s alleged hidden gay lifestyle and his inability to come out of it and contributed to his almost Shakespearean downfall, so the narrative goes in a new Netflix series on his life and death. The Netflix documentary series is called Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, and it streams on January 15, 2020.

Hernandez committed suicide, and analysis showed he’d suffered from severe chronic traumatic encephalopathy the worst case the researchers had ever seen in someone during his age. The ending of Aaron Hernandez was bizarre. He had sketched references to the Illumination of his prison wall in blood.

That’s all a familiar story, but to many of the story of Dennis SanSoucie and Aaron Hernandez is less known still there are not any further details about them. Hernandez, sure he is not around to give his version of it.

Dennis SanSoucie first made the revelations to the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team. That article says that Dennis SanSoucie revealed a “now and then sexual relationship he had with Aaron, starting in middle school and continues till high school.

Aaron’s father once “got physical” with SanSoucie because he didn’t like his coaching calls, The Globe reported, describing that Aaron’s father as abusive. SanSoucie’s dad is a frequent comment on the Netflix series about Hernandez, and it’s clear that he fully accepts his son’s lifestyle where he started from his schooling age.    Jonathan Hernandez also said that Aaron was sexually abused as a child, which backed up a college girlfriend’s claims that Hernandez told her he had been molested. She said,” He never dealt with it. It led to issues in his sexuality.”

Dennis SanSoucie

The former New England Patriots star committed suicide five days after he was acquitted of gunning down two men in Boston.  Aaron reportedly took his own life after two days after he was outed as gay on the radio show calledThe Kirk and Callahan Show. After his death, Hernandez’s family donated his brain to Boston University. Scientists discovered that Hernandez had the most severe case of CTE they had ever seen in a person his age. Hernandez was 27 years old when he died.

Dennis SanSoucie became an overnight web sensational news when his relationship which fallen with American Football tight end Aaron Hernandez become public. On Netflix the documentary series killer Inside. The mind of Aaron Hernandez and Dennis SanSoucie off the record relationship, with the former NFL star.

This left the viewers to know about Dennis San Soucie’s background: Dennis SanSoucie was born in Bristol, Connecticut, America in 1990 his age maybe 30 years old. Hernandez died by suicide in prison after he was charged with the murdered case of Odin Lloyd.

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